How did Shahrukh Khan upset Ram Gopal Varma?

The filmmaker’s negative tweet about children makes us wonder

Not much is needed to set off Ram Gopal Varma. The filmmaker often uses micro blogging site Twitter to vent his feelings on a variety of subjects – festivals, actors, films and his pet nemesis filmmaker Karan Johar. This time, his ostensible target is children. And not just anyone’s children.

RGV tweeted today, ‘If all children are so innocent nd have beautiful hearts how come most of them grow up to become bastards?’ His tweet got several angry responses in a short span of time, with other tweeters calling him the same b-word. One B-towner who is yet to respond is Shahrukh Khan. Wondering why he has to? It’s all got to do with the the timing and wording of Varma’s tweet. On Wednesday (March 21), Shahrukh tweeted that he missed his children Aryan and Suhana. The actor is shooting for Yash Chopra’s untitled film in London and he said, “Missing my lil boy and girl….they have such small lovely hands….and such large beautiful hearts.” You notice the similarity in the texts of the tweet, right? We did say ‘ostensible’ target!

Shahrukh and RGV aren’t exactly best buddies and have often engaged in Twitter byplay but it has never been a serious issue – unlike the fight between the filmmaker and SRK’s buddy Karan Johar. That makes us wonder what Shahrukh said – or Varma mistook him for saying – that he took a crack at the Baadshah’s kids. Or is it just unfortunate timing? Maybe Varma wasn’t aware of Shahrukh’s tweet? Considering the number of tweets RGV sends in a day and the extent to which he is clued in to what others are saying, it doesn’t seem a possible explanation to us. Then there is the tweet he had earlier sent about Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. When Ash’s pregnancy was announced, he had said, ‘I hate when beautiful women get pregnant.’ This is not his first offensive statement and we don’t think it’s going to be the last. We just have to wait and see if and how Shahrukh responds to this matter.