Posted Mon, February 13, 2012 1:48pm IST

Are you falling in love with the cute guy you have been hanging out with in college? Or do you have romantic feelings for your best friend? Find out now – Bollywood has answers to all the mysteries in matters of the heart

It isn’t always easy to decipher the warm, fuzzy feeling called ‘love’. But the gorgeous Bollywood demi-gods have shown time and again that it isn’t rocket science either. For instance, Imran Khan realised that he was in love with his best friend when he saw her with another man. Ranbir Kapoor was willing to go to any lengths to win his love’s approval and applause. Kajol imagined her sweetheart’s face in everyone around her. These are some of the sure shot signs to know you are falling hook, line and sinker for someone and Bollywood cinema tells it like it is.