How do you find Akshay Kumar’s new style statement-fun, quirky or unflattering?

We found the Holiday actor sporting a rather unusual trend on more than one occasion. BollywoodLifers tell us if you find Akki’s style of wearing his pants in this way workable?

It’s not easy to decode Akshay Kumar’s style statement. The 46-year-old megastar knows how to keep his style trendy, quirky and comfortable at the same time. The handsome man with a great physique looks good in anything he wears, but Akshay really amused us recently with a style statement that only he can pull off.

Channeling the real daredevil in him Akki was spotted wearing his pants with one leg rolled up to the knee. Be it track-pants or his tattered jeans, Mr Kumar has donned that look on more than one occasion, for sure. From the airport to the media events the Holiday star had onlookers awed by showing off his toned calves. He had no qualms whatsoever while displaying silky smooth and shiny (and diligently waxed) legs when he strutted around like a true metrosexual man.

Akshay also added a bit of drama to the unusual look by wearing a right pair of sneakers or flats. Heavy duty sport shoes go well with that look and our action hero certainly knows how to wear the right attitude with that funky attire.

Now this style of his really seems to be cool, very urban and hip-hop. It has its origin in the American jails where prisoners would roll one leg of their pants up and let the other half hang loose. Later this trend trickled on to the streets where skaters, rappers and music aficionados would sport it to display their coolness.

We don’t know where Akshay has picked this quirky way of wearing his pants from, but we know for sure that very few men from B-town can carry that look the way Akshay does with his relentless charm and sporty attitude. Do you agree?