How does Madhuri Dixit-Nene suddenly have so many friends in Bollywood?

How does Madhuri Dixit-Nene suddenly have so many friends in Bollywood?

The diva, who in her heydays was known for not being friends with any of her fellow leading ladies, is now seeking buddies by the handful!

Madhuri Dixit Nene, when she was the No 1 actor in Bollywood in the early 1990s, was hardly friends with other female actors. Those were the days when Sridevi, Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla were the three leading ladies of Bollywood, and the press regularly pitted them against each other and promoted their rivalry. And so serious was it that you were either a fan of Sridevi or Madhuri or Juhi; you couldn’t be following all three!

Yet, now after all these years, Madhuri is acting alongside Juhi in Gulaab Gang and is seen sharing some great camaraderie, while earlier she was only cordial with Juhi. And it’s a well known fact, one that was accepted by Juhi herself in a recent interview, that she was insecure about Madhuri. In fact, in an older interview given to a popular magazine, Madhuri too had agreed that she cannot easily become friends with other female actors. “I don’t trust easily. I have never attempted to make friends. Probably under different circumstances I could have been friends with say Neelam, but because of our busy schedules and time constraints…” trailed of the yesteryear diva. Notice that Mads only named Neelam, who was a far smaller actor, while with Juhi and Sridevi who were her direct competitors, Madhuri didn’t even acknowledge their presence!

But now you are seeing a totally different side to her. Knowing that she is no more the ruling diva but just another actor who is slowly making a comeback, you can easily notice how she has made her peace with both Sridevi and Juhi. She danced with Sridevi who came on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa to promote English Vinglish and is acting alongside Juhi, and all seems well! Similar is the case with the other two divas as well, who were once bitter rivals, but are now more than cordial towards each other since there is really no scope for professional jealousy.

Well, seems like the rush for becoming famous the second time around can definitely humble one down. Way to go, ladies! Guess Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan too will let bygones be bygones and become friends once they too are past their peak and need to make their comebacks! What say, BollywoodLifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Isabelle

    she is famous for faking it.

    • lolita

      madhuri is a dumb actress,who got kicked out of bollywood and america.

      • Sunny

        She is not dumb, you are dumb

  • Pramod

    Madhuri is soo fake and plastic

    • Sunny

      Sridevi and Juhi both are plastic but madhuri is botox.

  • Johnny

    Juhi was never insecured about Madhuri! I read all her interviews and she never mentioned that she was insecure of her! Madhuri is a great actress but too overrated! I prefer Sri and of course, my all time favourite, Juhi Chawla

  • satyarth

    Sridevi has just been voted ‘India’s Greatest Actress of All Time.’ In the latest national poll conducted by CNN-IBN on the occasion of 100 Years of Cinema, the superstar raced ahead of not just other Bollywood actresses but also left behind some of the best regional actresses across the country to emerge as ‘India’s Greatest Actress Ever.’ Sridevi dominated the poll winning by a landslide 39% votes. What a historic achievement!!!

    • Sunny

      sridevi got the award for all india not bollywood. Second was Madhuri reason She is best in bollywood. South India Voted Sridevi and North India Voted Madhuri. Madhuri and Sridevi are still amazing.

  • maya shankar

    She was the one I grew up watching and admiring so much respect i had for her now as she makes her second innings ,i feel she is another money minting celeb ,she anywez lost my respect there is something called retiring with grace and worse a dumb husband who inspite of being a doctor is now her PA ,i wish i had not wasted all my teen life adoring and almost worshipping her should have concentrated on mother teresa instead.