How does Poonam Pandey read scripts? View pic!

Check out the fame hungry starlet’s latest pic, which tells us that, her filmy career is far from over!

For all Poonam Pandey’s fans, there is some good news. She has shared her latest pic this morning which shows her curvaceous side. We were a little surprised to see the Nasha babe fully clad. But what caught our eye was the caption of the pic posted by Ms Pandey.

Is Poonam Pandey trying to become a gyan guru?

The caption read “Script reading session!” We were bewildered by the fact that she claims to be reading scripts. Which director or producer, in their perfect senses, is willing to cast her in their film after her disastrous debut in Nasha? We wonder…

Is Poonam Pandey getting too desperate? View pics!

We are even more curious to know as to who is this person who keeps clicking the fame hungry babe in such poses? If anyone among you BollywoodLifers find out please let us know. After all we would love to give a hard core bashing to the person for making our mornings so visually displeasing!