How does Preetika Rao beat the summer?

The Beintehaa babe gives her fans tips on how to tackle the heat this summer

Preetika Rao aka Aaliya knows how to keep looking gorgeous and be healthy even in this killing heat. She shares some of the things she does to keep the heat at bay.

Preetika says that it is important to keep ourselves hydrated. So drinking plenty of water is a must. The actor suggests using a high SPF sunscreen. Smothering some sunscreen is the best way to protect the skin from any sort of damage. She even suggests her fans to use water based moisturiser for the skin to keep it healthy and glowing instead of the oil based ones. The actor surely knows her skin products well.

The Beintehaa babe is often seen eating a lot of fruits during her breaks. She says that plenty of fruits and cucumber keeps the body cool and plus it is good for health. She further adds that it is important to wash the face at least twice a day to let the skin breathe freely. Lastly she adds, plenty of sleep is essential to get a healthy and glowing skin too.

Preetika definitely has some useful tips. Hope her fans are reading this!