How does Sonakshi Sinha manage to hide all that cellulite?

Thu, July 5, 2012 4:28pm IST by
Posted Thu, July 5, 2012 4:28pm IST

The Dabangg gal very strategically resorts to styles that makes her look much thinner than she actually is. Creating a fashion illusion of sorts, the Rowdy Rathore actor has been opting for outfits that conceal her voluptuousness. We make it a point to shed light on the curvy babe’s easy-to-decode style, and wonder if she will ever lose those kilos or will keep taking the easy way out

She got off to a flying start by exhibiting a very ethnic style in Dabangg. The babe catapulted to stardom overnight after acting with Salman Khan. Ever since then, every style move of hers has been under the scanner. From trying to be fashionably impeccable to wearing clothes that make her look less plump, Sinha has been trying to make her fashion tactics work, and we must say that she has been fairly successful in doing so.

We take a look at the actor’s onscreen and off-screen style statements

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  • Idiot

    obviously she does to keep site like you from crucifying her which your doing regardless of what “tactics”. In my opinion theres nothing wrong with a woman having some meat on her better then most of the twigs you see now days

  • caroline

    This is so cheap coming from you. If you don’t like her so keep your comment to your self don’t act like a fool!nonsense!!!!! i wonder why people are so jealous?