How does Yash Tonk keep them on?

The Shobha Somnath Ki actor plays a king in his new show and has to wear heavy hoop earrings

Hey, did you watch Zee TV’s new show, Shobha Somnath Ki? It premiered last night. If you did, you would have noticed Yash Tonk in full blue and silver regalia. Yash plays Dadda Chalukya, the king of 11th century Bharuch, with Amrita Raichand playing his wife, Queen Gayatridevi. The show marks many firsts for the actor – it’s his first historical and the first time he’s wearing big round earrings onscreen! If all you girls out there are wondering how he managed to wear these hoops for the long hours of shoot, then do watch the coming episodes and keep your eyes peeled for him riding a horse. Why? ‘Cause that’s when those earrings caused real trouble for the actor. Yash revealed recently that he did not have to pierce his ears for the show. Instead, he actually wore clip-ons. “The earrings are quite comfortable, and don’t hurt much. But when I have to ride a horse, they fall off. So, every time I have to ride the animal, they (the costume guys) tape the earrings to my ears. That’s when they really hurt!” Ouch. We sympathise. Our suggestion? Just think of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wearing heavy jhumkas and twirling in Devdas. Feeling better?

Shobha Somnath Ki airs weekdays at 8pm on Zee TV