How is Bipasha Basu making the most of being single this Valentine’s Day?

If you are single, fret not, read how the sizzling Jodi Breakers actor is making the most of being unattached

The makers of Jodi Breakers are making the most of the day when love is celebrated by everyone; but in their own way. On Valentine’s Day, they are promoting their film, which has its lead actors – Bipasha Basu and R Madhavan – going about helping couples split, by talking about the merits of being single. In a recent interview, Bipasha said, “I have been able to do all that I wanted with the ‘single me’ time I have. I have become more social. I have my time in hand to read, cook, cater to my hobbies, meet new people. The best part is that you are not answerable to anyone. So if you have to break up, be honest and upfront, take responsibility and walk away.” We are glad that Bips has made the most of her time and we hope that the singles reading this will feel much better now!