How is Salman Khan connected to the Bhanwari Devi biopic?

Makers of the new film will be shooting an important sequence in a jail where the Dabangg dude was housed a few years ago

Over the years Salman Khan’s meteoric growth has helped him support many noble causes, thanks to his Being Human NGO. Salman has used every possible opportunity to raise funds for his charity and we hear that a part of his remuneration for almost anything goes directly to the Being Human Foundation. But this time it is different – the Bodyguard actor isn’t directly involved in a noble act, but his name is being used to pull eyeballs to a film about Bhanwari Devi, whose alleged gang-rape in 1992 and the subsequent court case attracted widespread media attention nationally and internationally.

News is that that director Rakesh Saini, who is currently shooting his project on murdered nurse Bhanwari Devi, has filmed a sequence in the same jail where Dabangg Khan was housed a few years ago. The actor was incarcerated in Central Jail in Jodhpur in connection with a criminal case against him. Producer of the biopic Ranjeet Sharma says it is not the case, “I have taken the necessary permissions from Bhanwari’s husband Amarchand and their lawyers. The whole idea to shoot in the jail was to give it a real-life feel. Shooting in the same cell as Salman’s is purely a coincidence.”

While we aren’t sure if the makers are using the Sallu connection to grab more attention for their film, we can safely say that Khan is not likely to mind lending his name to a project that could help raise awareness of the plight of women who have to live through such trauma.

Photo: NDTV Movies

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