How Kareena Kapoor beat Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif to get Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan?

How Kareena Kapoor beat Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif to get Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan?

We tell you the story behind Bebo signing a new film opposite the Dabangg Khan

Kabir Khan and Salman Khan teaming up for yet another project after Ek Tha Tiger was known for a long time. There was enough speculation doing the rounds as to who would be the leading lady opposite Salman. Finally a few days back it was announced that Kareena Kapoor Khan would play the lead opposite him in the film. While Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone were two names being considered, Bebo managed to steal this project right under their noses.

A source tells us that the reason behind Kareena getting the film is that both the Kick actor and she share the same manager – Reshma Shetty. She was lobbying for Bebo getting the film as the two would be able to give the required dates and also be on schedule.

Apart from Reshma being a factor, Kabir too was keen on getting Kareena as he’s always liked her work and wanted a chance to do a film with her. Since Salman and Kareena’s last film Bodyguard was a success, it wasn’t that difficult to bring these two superstars together in Bajrangi Bhaijaan.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • solomon korn


    • tu bgairat

      Oye bkwass na kr! Teri cheapika 29 saal oi buddhi hogae h. Salman kareena make good pair!

    • Rahul

      kareena is more sexy than deepika

  • Rocky Baba

    Read TOI online, it is far more reliable. Over there, almost three months ago, Kabir Khan gave an interview saying neither Katrina nor Deepika were suitable for his next film as this film required an older heroine.

    • rohit

      Haha y cheapika is getting jealous now n writting this article full in jealousy. Cheapika was not considered for the film dont boasts. Kabir may asked katrina but she is already doing film with kabir , so he said someone else will be heroine even deepikas named was not considered this time, n cheapika gettng jealous she is not considered this time for salmans film n salman ignored her totally! Ghroor kir nech hota hai….

      • EE

        Deepika busy with movies that need real acting, Kareena busy begging for Golmaal , Singham 1,2,3…100 hiding behind Khans

        • ayesha

          ha ha ha kareena is not a begger ..she is the QWEEN of BOLLYWOOD …. directos follow her not she ….OK
          KAREENA is better and perfect then others …DEEPIKA black cat …

        • Lilly Talevska

          Movies that need real acting? Umm like what type of movies because the movies deepika is doing at the moment is easy….
          Kareena is the best acting ability wise

        • truth

          U are talking about finding funny who is completed in just one month! She was just showing attitude that she is too busy, now when directors skipped her totally, she is getting jealous becoz she is losing films…

          • aliya

            oh plz do people like u have to tell that who is good or bad. deepika and kareena are fab actresses, to compare them with fuckrina would be an insult to them. you people just go and wash your face and wait for that time when fuckrina will be thrown out of bollywood

  • nadia

    salman n kareena jodi looks gud.

  • truth

    Cheapik as not cosidered for this film lolxxx… N cheapik got many films with lobbying chinaee bkwass express, hny….

  • khan

    We r chutiya or what? Na Katrina will work with sallu or na deepika will work! Phir bachi kaun b grade or ex -a grade so lallu choose her! This is the fact u can see her leading lady’s Jacqueline sonam!!!

    • Kabir

      If kareena is b grade then u mean deepika and kat r “f” grade

      • Lilly Talevska

        I like kareena better than deepika but I love katrina
        katrina is the best! She’s not “f” grade!

    • Rahul

      oh listen srk is also working with sonam nd deepika was keen to work with salman in kick but salman doesn not want to work with her

  • Tia

    Great pair! 2 great actors!

  • ayesha

    kareena looks awsome with everyone …. bcz she is sooooo beautifull

  • Spency

    The most disgusting actor in bollywood = Salman Khan

    • Kabir

      from ur shitty words its defines that u r srk fan…..and fr ur kind information we don’t give a shit about ur opinion

      • Spency

        i’m not a srk fan lol

  • naina

    kat ans bebo r the best i loooooove them… nd hate that bloody cheapika

    • whore

      you are a whore

  • Zinda

    LOL i cant believe it. NO ONE will watch the film! kareena is DONe.. haha

    • Kabir

      good joke hilarious ha ha ha

  • Lilly Talevska

    Thankgod deepika is not doing this film

    • Kabir

      thanks to her not doing the film else it would be a disaster……. we r pretty happy with the pairing and its going to be another blockbuster

      • Lilly Talevska

        Hahahahahha I know right!

    • aliya

      yeah like Katrina didn’t do ram leela or else it would have been biggest disaster. deepika got best actress award for it and fuckrina could not even speak a word in gujrati .you bloody flakes are just jealous that deepika achieved that status in one year with her acting that fuckrina didn’t achieve in 10 years with her skin show.idiotic flakes and payed fans of fuckrina whom fuckrina pay to defend herself on sites.

      • Lilly Talevska

        To begin with why would anyone be jealous of someone so ugly and talentless as deepika. If katrina had done ram leela it would have been a much bigger hit so
        Deepika would never be able to compete with katrina

        • aliya

          hahahahahah oh my god what a joke. if depika is not talented than legends like big b would not have watched ramleela 3 times in day, American superstar john trovalta not said on media that he wnts to work with dppy. coming to kat I agree she is quite pretty but in terms of acting skills even u have to admit that she is a big nooo. I JTHJ she looked as if lost in island even anushka was better than her. jo please check ur eyesight and then comment.

          • Lilly Talevska

            Ur exaggeration is going over board
            Which idiot is going to watch Ramleela 3 times in a day
            Relax it’s romeo and juliet, nothing amazing
            I know katrina is not the best actress but she’s improving and despite her acting ability she’s the most successful actress whether u want to accept or not

          • aliya

            dude despite of being in industry for more than 8 years she is till improving….. I agree she is pretty but doing item songs was her biggest mistake she should have consumed that time to improve her acting skills. item numbers are kind of ruining her image. coming to deepika people like big b, pc, sujoy ghosh praised ramleela and deepika. just go and have a review of some articles

        • fwrwqe

          whore you are.

          • Lilly Talevska

            HAHAHAHA OK

  • NIA

    Guys stop being so nasty and keep your opinion to yourself it does not matter who gets what – these actress don’t care a damn what you think of them or what you call them, they are doing their job and don’t care a shit what you think. So please get a real life and stop being so ignorant. Right now Deepika rules Bollywood and that is the fact so please get use to it and move on to better things.

    • ahaha

      Cheapika fadukone losing film n loosing carrer soon , haha she was one year onder only!

      • aliya

        buddy this is just starting of dippys career soon she will throw fuckrina out of industry

      • wfr

        You bare disgusting. If you got the balls. Share your name and number, i ll show you the mirror

  • aliya

    salman was singing praises for deepika after Chennai express. he badly wanted to work with him and also deepika. deepika was salmans choice for bade bhaiyya. one day sallu and dippy will work together. stupid fuckrina fans can go to hell. she is in bollyland bcz of salman.

    • u shit

      You cheapikas shit dont bark! Katrina dont need now khans to deliver hits. now cheapika fadukone need it to deliver hits otherwise she will fall down from sky to earth! Now salman khan spitting on cheapikas mouth!

      • aliya

        u r just a pissed of fuckrina fan nothing else

  • arohi

    salu looks good with katrina