How Ranbir Kapoor boosted Shammi Kapoor’s morale

The real rockstar of Bollywood, who had made Yahoo an anthem, was actually a bundle of nerves before he began shooting for Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar

The legendary actor who was and still is hailed as the real rockstar of Bollywood was actually not too sure about making an appearance in Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar. It took a lot of coaxing and cajoling by his grandnephew Ranbir Kapoor for Shammi Kapoor to agree. One of the main concerns the late actor had was that because of his failing health he wouldn’t be able to handle the stress that came with film shoots. Another worry was that he wouldn’t be able to memorise all his lines because of his medical condition. That’s when Ranbir took it upon himself to convince him and assure him that everything would be planned to his comfort levels and convenience, after which he gave his consent. Ranbir was heard saying that once his granduncle was on the sets, he was full of childlike glee and energy. Shammi had a wonderful time shooting with the cast and crew; everyone pampered him silly. As he was a foodie and particularly fond of Kashmiri delicacies, a new dish would be made for him every day. That apart, Ranbir laughed that his great-uncle had a whale of a time flirting with the girls who were assisting Imtiaz on the sets. It seems that Ranbir now has a lifetime’s worth of nostalgia to treasure thanks to this film. It is, after all, so much about loving your family, right?