How will Pooja Chopra celebrate Diwali?

The Commando actor will apparently celebrate the festival of lights in an eco friendly manner

Former beauty queen and actor Pooja Chopra, last seen in Commando, will celebrate Diwali in an environment-friendly manner with her friends and family.

“This year I have decided we will celebrate Diwali in an eco-friendly way. We often send greeting cards to our close ones, but I will be using e-mails. The rangoli that I will be using will also be eco-friendly,” said Pooja Chopra.

“As far as crackers are concerned, with the increasing cost of each and every thing, people will cut down on crackers. It’s like a blessing in disguise,” added the actor, seen in the lead role in Commando.

After a very long time Pooja will be with her family on Diwali.

“After two years I will celebrate Diwali with my family. I am looking forward to this Diwali,” said the actor.