How will Saif Ali Khan look as a blonde?

We feel he will be downright cheesy. What do you think?

Saif Ali Khan is all set to play the role of a Russian mobster in his next film Go Goa Gone. And while we will get to see him hunting down hideous looking zombies in this upcoming comedy flick, we aren’t quite sure if he will be able to make us crack up by parading around with blonde hair. He has tried doing this before in Tashan, a film that tried our patience big time, wearing a platinum blonde wig and grooving with the sexy Kareena Kapoor and the amazingly silly-acting Akshay Kumar. But we think we will give Saifu another chance and see if he manages to hold our collective attention this time around.

The Nawab has always maintained that he is the kind of a person who likes intelligent humour and has kept a distance from anything that’s slapstick. But looking at his recent choices, we’ve started to doubt his declarations. In Cocktail he went all over-the-top to woo us and now with his Blondie-style tactic in GGG, we wonder how far he’s gonna go to try and make us laugh. All we can say is, Khan has started to show his true colours, and we don’t think we are quite prepared to see him in this new light!