Hrithik replaces Salman in Shahrukh’s life!

Duggu and SRK were best of buddies at one point and were often spotted hanging out together like BFF’s at social dos. But a lot has changed lately and their dosti isn’t the same. So has Hrithik taken over Salman’s place in Shahrukh’s life?

From partying together to sharing screen space and then the controversial Koffee couch, Hrithik Roshan and Shahrukh Khan have done it all together. But their dostana is a thing of past. The honey-eyed actor and King Khan are no longer close it seems. Well, we haven’t seen them bonding or making appearances together at parties and events for a long time. In fact, it seems the onscreen superhero is the new Salman Khan in SRK’s life. We say so coz recently Jr Roshan and Gauri Khan’s hubby came face-to-face at Karan Johar’s birthday party and though they spoke to each other cordially, their conversation didn’t seem to be a friendly one. But that’s not the only reason why wethinks Hrithik-Shahrukh dosti is history. Read on to know what happened exactly at KJo’s birthday bash and why one more friendship in Bollywood has gone kaput…

On Saturday night, Karan Johar celebrated his 42nd birthday with all his friends from the industry. While the filmmaker’s birthday bash was nothing less than epic, what caught everyone’s attention was his close friend Shahrukh’s encounter with the Bang Bang actor. We hear when Rakesh Roshan’s ladla beta approached the Chennai Express star for a cigarette at the party; the two actors had an unusual chit chat. The Happy New Year actor offered a cigarette to his one-time best buddy and quipped, “Yeh acting wali cigarette hai. After smoking this you will learn how to do this.” The talented actor said this in his trademark Dilwala Dulhaniya Le Jayenge style with his arms wide open. Well, Jr Roshan did his famous Ek pal ka jeena move and snapped back, “Now that you have lent me a cigarette, you will be able to do this too.” Interesting, hai na? So far we had heard stories about Salman and his arch rival’s not-so-usual greetings at parties. But now the Mohanjo-daro actor is on the list as well.

But SRK and Hrithik’s equation went sour last year when their respective films Chennai Express and Krrish 3 released along the same time. A lot was said about how Krrish 3’s box office collections were fudged but later HR cleared the air in an official statement which was released in the media. Back then, it seemed Duggu was pointing fingers at his close pal Shahrukh for creating hoopla around Krrish 3’s figures. Read the whole episode here.

If that wasn’t enough, after officially announcing his split from wife Sussannne Roshan, Hrithik found a confidant in Salman and King Khan which was surprising as the Kick actor was never close to Duggu. If all was well between the Ageenpath actor and King Khan, we are sure the former would have poured his heart out to the latter. But that didn’t happen. Guess Shahrukh and Hrithik’s friendship isn’t as thick as their respective wives Gauri and (estranged) Sussanne’s, no?