Hrithik Roshan beats Salman Khan to become the sexiest Dhoom villain!

Hrithik Roshan beats Salman Khan to become the sexiest Dhoom villain!

Looks like the Bang Bang actor has taken over the sexy tag from the Dabangg star

Hrithik Roshan beats Salman Khan to be labelled the sexiest Dhoom villain by BollywoodLife readers. When news of Sallu being roped in to play a baddie in Dhoom 4 started making headlines, we couldn’t help but ask BollywoodLifers who according to them made the sexiest villain – Salman, Aamir Khan, Hrithik or then John Abraham. We thought that all these dishy dudes had a way with bikes and babes. And with the Kick actor becoming the latest entrant into the Dhoom franchise we wondered if he would beat good friend Aamir and other two hunks John and Hrithik in the sexy quotient. But looks like BollywoodLifers do not agree. 

Our poll results revealed that Hrithik still tops the sexy Dhoom villain list, despite Mr Perfectionist attempts to take over HR as the clown thief in third part failed. And looks like Sallu too will have to fight real hard to beat B-town Greek God as the best Dhoom baddie.

About 55 percent voters (1776) felt that Hrithik rules this list, Salman followed second with 34 percent votes (1087). John Abraham who shot to success with Dhoom stood third with 6 percent votes (192) and Aamir seemed to have failed in his double role as he stood last with a mere 5 percent votes (172). Looks like neither Aamir nor the sexy Katrina Kaif could beat Hrithik and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s sizzling act in Dhoom 2.

BollywoodLifers, do you agree with our poll results. Will Salman Khan have a tough time breaking Hrithik‘s record as the sexiest Dhoom villain? Do post your thoughts.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Imran Arshi

    Yes Hrithik Roshan is so sexy and brilliant actor too

  • Cattypuss

    The scene between Aish and Hrithik in the Russian roulette piece from Dhoom2 was mesmerizing>you couldn’t take your eyes off them in this>in fact when he yelled at her I nearly had heart failure>brilliant scene, and yes,Hrithik wins hands down as the bad ass thief!!>>

    • Sanjay Kumar

      OMG!! u made me watch Dhoom2 again

  • amanda

    this pol is fake
    John Abraham was more sexy and real looking in dhoom

  • Afsal Samad

    salman has not yet acted in dhoom ….. then how can this be decided?????????????????????????????????………………

    real no brainer

    • akhter

      u r right

  • Lasya

    No way
    Salman khan is the best actor in the phase of earth
    He will definitely make the best villain

    • krisi

      best actor in the World? You really make me laught very much :D


    yeh toh sabko pata hai ,,,,and it true & REAL ALSO ACTING AS WELL ,,BT D-4 MAIN HR NAHI AYEGA NA,,,EVEry times YRAJ FILMS want change it seems like ,,D-5 SRK,D-6 RABEER KAPOOR, D-7 RANVEER SINGH,,,, CHOOSE CAST AS CURENTLY CRAZZE OF ACTOR,,

    • milan227

      So after 20 years, we will see old Jai and Ali on their equally old rickshaw chasing Hritik’s son? Or maybe it will be SRK’s son who will avenge the insult of his dad not being offered any Dhoom movie? :-) )))))

  • Karan

    I can’t believe that Hrithik didn’t get at least 99% votes.

  • rohan

    hrithik u r the best villan

  • vivek

    nobody can robbery like hrithik roshan

  • krisi

    Salman wasnt in Dhoom ……anyway for Hrithik was the best and sexy in Dhoom .expecally more than Amir Khan who i dont find sexy at all

    • Veer

      Well I don’t find salman, srk and saif sexy at all. They aren’t sexy either.

    • Genius47

      @krisi because you aren’t sexy at all. So you don’t have any vision. BTW your opinion doesn’t make any change to the reality. He is more sexy than srk,salman,saif and many others.

  • vidiah

    salman is the best for sure

  • vidiah

    salman is so good he can’t play villain but hrithik is so bad always betrayed his wife he is a real villain

  • milan227

    The vote was for Hritik, BL, not for Ashwariya, She was the worst thing in Dhoom 2 – yes, great body and great dancing, but OMG she is horrible at doing chirpy and cute. Katrina OTOH was brillant in Dhoom 3 and she would have made D2 a bigger hit IMO.

  • bbbb

    absolutely no choice than HR. He is the best..

  • saqib

    Hrithik the best in dhoom series

  • Dileep

    The ultimate hunk of Indian cinema will always rule….

  • Dileep

    Hrithik is far good looking than any Indian star not only these three like salman, aamir, john

  • Ak47

    aamir khan was the best villain in dhoom series.

  • Riya baby

    Hrithik is the best……….