Hrithik Roshan beats Shahrukh Khan in desi James Bond poll!

The Krrish star come out on tops in an online poll conducted by BollywoodLife asking film buffs who they would like to see in the desi James Bond avatar

If you were asked to choose one Bollywood hero to play James Bond, the one name that would come to your mind instantaneously would be Hrithik Roshan. The 38-year-old Greek god of B-town has it all take to go 007!

Hrithik’s swagger, his towering personality, his youthful charm – bordering on the much needed maturity to play the seasoned secret agent – and his killer looks have worked in the macho star’s favour to be voted as the most deserving desi Bond.

Running in the race to win that coveted title in our exclusive poll were Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan, Ranveer Singh, Arjun Rampal and Anil Kapoor. But Hrithik has won both the hearts and the precious votes of our ardent readers.

The Krrish actor received 41% of the votes. Giving tough competition to the star was Shahrukh Khan (with 28% per cent votes), who had recently expressed his desire to play Bond. Salman Khan won got 13% votes, while Arjun Rampal managed to get 5% votes.

Surprisingly, Akshay Kumar, who started off on a fantastic note with most voters preferring him over the other fiercely competitive and delicious hunks in the first two days of the poll, did not quite maintain his standing in the race. The Khiladi actor netted 13% votes.

The contest was wide open between the Khans and the other stunning stars until the lava-hot Roshan step into the competition only to win it with majority of votes! Is Hollywood listening?