Hrithik Roshan birthday: Katrina Kaif or Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – who shares the most explosive chemistry with the hunk?

Posted Thu, January 10, 2013 11:15am IST

The Greek God of Bollywood turns 39 today, we take a look at Hrithik’s crackling camaraderie with his on-screen ladyloves

Born on January 10, 1974, Hrithik Roshan is the honey-eyed darling of Bollywood. Who wouldn’t want to romance him? The ultimate hunk of B-town is an object of extreme desire. Ask any of Bollywood’s beauties and they will tell you that when they stand alongside Hrithik or share screen space with him, the onus is almost always on them to look their best. The divas have no option but to look great, or else the Greek god’s physical magnetism overshadows their charming feminine presence.

Today the Krrish 3 actor will blow out 39 candles on his birthday cake, and to celebrate the occasion we revisit some of Hrithik’s best-suited onscreen love interests. You tell us which one of these gorgeous ladies our debonair dude sizzled most with….



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  • aX

    Is this even a question? Definitely Hrithik & Aishwarya and then everyone falls second. :D

  • MyOpinion

    #1 is Aishwarya & Priyanka is #2. Ameesha & Kareena are tied for last place. I would like to see a fresh pairing with Deepika – they would look awesome in an action/romantic comedy!

  • Lady

    1. Aishvariya
    2. Ptity
    3. Priyanka
    4. Katrina (a little bit)
    Kareena is a terrible partner not only for Hrithik/

    Happy birthday!

  • Sang


  • nisa

    definetely katrina with hritik ,kat had very small role and less scenes in ZNMD But they lukd amazing 2gthr.would luv 2 see dis tall &hot jodi together.

  • AJ

    Hrithik-Aishwarya definitely!! They’ve done so many different films together and sizzled in all of them!!

  • Rebecca

    Aishwarya and Hrithik of course, no one else comes close. There are all wanna-bes trying to fake what comes naturally for Dugguaish.

  • sabiha

    Ashwariya looks awesome with hrithak Roshan esp in joda akbar

  • Amir

    Only n only Ash looks best with Hrithik

  • Sanet

    I agree!Currently Ash is not fit for Hrithik as she seems bulky but truly speaking,she looks fantastic opposite Hrithik in Dhoom 2 and Jodha Akbar.Currently,Priyanka seems better choice for him as in Agneepath,their chemistry were explosive.

  • Akash

    Both katrina and aishwarya looks great with hrithik but my favorite jori still aishwarya and hrithik in dhoom2,jodha akbar and guzaarish hope they do more film in futur and with katrina kaif also.

  • FaRuL

    I Think It’s Love Strength And Chemistri Exactly At Hritikh couple Roshan and AISHWARYA RAY.
    But Do not Forget, AMISHA PATEL is Spouses Generating power of love Kaho Naa Pyar Hai In .. And This Is One Of The Spear For Taking Hritikh Roshan In Movie Romance ..
    For PREITY ZINTA, I Agree.. These 2 Together Have Portrayed Innocent, Charming And Heartfelt Love Stories.. WE CAN CHERISH FOR A LIFETIME !!!
    And For The Other-More Actrees.. WHATEVER..

  • sunny

    Kareena with Hrithik is the best chemistry ever seen

  • samana

    Kareena looks good with hrithik!every movie both of them have done with each other were a blockbuster..i cant wait for the next movie they do together

  • shishir

    I think Hrithik is so good looking dat any beautiful actress could get matched wid him.

  • Rupali Pant

    He makes every woman look good with him!

  • Hasan

    Priyanka these days.

  • amdns

    Kareena, Aishwarya & Preity were the best with him! Although all were great!

  • Mahmud

    Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

  • Julie

    KAREENA had best, sexy chemistry with Hritik…would be interesting to see what their pairing would be like again after so many years.
    AISHWARYA looks best with him
    Priyanka does NOT look good with him
    Katrina horrible with him

  • shahrukh

    hrithik roshan is a selfish person looking very old with all actress

  • Anung

    Aishwarya da best ever wit Hrithik..luv to see them both.,

  • Hrithik@fan

    As hrithik fan i wanted to see hrithik and aishwarya rai playing husband and wife in a family film with a lots of romance.

  • Viviana

    Aish e Hrithik, love.

  • koko

    hey you so called shahrukh don’t you know dt srk is much older dn hro ! n hrithik isn’t selfish u must see how down to earth he is

  • koko

    and yeah i love hrithik wd bebo ash kat preity amisha rani pryanka and i don’t like esha

  • dileep

    The most good looking man world cinema has ever seen….the Ultimate Hunk….Hrithik roshan….even as actresses look average in front of him

  • prem

    with ash,kareena,katrina ,preity,ameesha,priyanka,kangana…would love to see him with deepika soon…hrithik looks THE BEST with all beautiful gorgeous women,except his own ugliest cheapest sl*t wife..

  • mel

    happy b’day hrithik and he shares the best chemistry with Katrina kaif

    • stefiix rijiix

      He sizzled most with Bebo… they are the best looking pair..
      Their movies 2gether are the best because those movies are romantic sweet, warm, and charming..
      Besides, they look so great 2gether that people mistake them for having an affair……….
      Love both of them….