Hrithik Roshan finds a replacement for Sussanne Khan!

Hrithik Roshan finds a replacement for Sussanne Khan!
Yogen Shah

Hold your horses as we aren’t talking about finding a life partner here. Read on to know more

Not so long time ago there were reports that Hrithik Roshan will be moving out of his eighth floor apartment in El Palazzo. In the same building, his parents Rakesh Roshan and Pinky Roshan reside on the ninth floor, with a common entertainment area and a gymnasium on the tenth floor. So is the Krrish 3 actor actually moving out of this plush well-equipped home? Well, we hear that the actor will be temporarily moving into Prime Beach Apartments in Juhu. It’s the same building where Akshay Kumar owns his place. And Hrithik moving out has nothing to do with his separation from his wife Sussanne Khan. The actor is moving out as his apartment in El Palazzo is under renovation.

Well, this time around, Hrithik’s apartment isn’t being done by Sussanne but John Abraham’s brother Alan Abraham will be renovating it. Hrithik’s estranged wife Sussanne is an interior designer, who has not only designed several celebrity homes but also his El Palazzo apartment before.

Well, does Hrithik want no reminders of his relationship gone kaput which is why he replaced Sussanne with a new designer, we wonder. Anyways, as per reports, Hrithik is allergic to dust and that’s the only reason why he is moving out while his place gets renovated…Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • monal

    haha….good one hrithik…u never never needed dat whorey f*gly sl*t druggie useless susane in ur life….haha

    • Cattypuss

      Wash your filthy mouth out – she is the mother of his two sons and as such deserves a modicum of RESPECT!!

      • annie

        you act as if all mothers are saints. not all mothers are deserving of this bllind worship.

        • Cattypuss

          Neither is Hrithik – he is just as flawed as any other human being. His fans are totally blind to that. Sussanne does not deserve to be vilified – her ex-husband certainly doesn’t, so why should his fans. He respects her as the mother of his two boys, as it should be. For the both of them the boys come first. Today he just lost it, and lashed out at the media over endless rumors about his marriage and the takings of Krrish 3. If he knows who’s spreading them and they are untrue, he should launch legal action. It’s the only way he is going to stop the unending speculation. He’s posted statements on Facebook, his fan club and Twitter.

    • abc123

      true dat!

  • hatebachchans

    how creepy are these media people

  • Trompadourin Tamara

    So fans and reporters sometimes I question what kind of world you live me actually. Now we have already noticed that some reporters sleep and still do it. But let it out of ourselves (even Hrithik is a human being with feelings)

    Of course we would but also do all that we are not reminded every day of the loss and the pain or we would renew after all possibility, because you have to live in the present and the now once heist release and renew. And first the living area. (Wallpaper, furniture, cabinets, etc.) Since’s be honest with yourself

    And please contact the reporters since but finally thorough in your work, all’s already on the border of a pain for Hrithik Roshan is Triit not after

  • Trompadourin Tamara

    Also Fans und Reporter manchmal Frage ich mich in welcher Welt lebt Ihr eigentlich. Nun wir haben schon gemerkt das einige Reporter Schlafen und es noch immer tun. Doch gehen wir doch mal von Uns selbst aus (auch Hrithik ist ein Mensch mit Gefühlen)

    Natürlich würden wir doch auch alles tun das wir nicht jeden Tag an den Verlust und den Schmerz erinnert werden oder wir würden nach möglichkeit alles erneuern, weil man in der Gegenwart leben müssen und das heist nun einmal loslassen und erneuern. Und als erstes den Wohnbereich. ( Tapeten, Möbel, Schränke usw.) Seit doch mal ehrlich zu euch selbst.

    Und bitte an die Reporter seit doch endlich mal gründlicher in eurer Arbeit, das ganze ist doch schon an der Grenze eines Schmerzes Für Hrithik Roshan man Triit nicht noch nach

  • abc123

    still wondering why’d they ever got married?
    well, and I didn’t get even a single thing in this pointless article. grow up writers !!

  • Noora Khan

    I personally feel Hrithik needs a more beautiful wife. i have never considered Suzzane as a beautiful woman. Everything happens for a reason. Marriages can happen and can be broken. I am not in their shoes so whatever they decide its their decision and we as viewers have to respect their decision but I just love Hrithik and he is a very humble modest human being and too generous and gives his money to lot of poor contestants on the show he hosts. I love his generosity and his kindness and that makes him a good handsome man.

    • Cattypuss

      Beauty is skin deep – and it never lasts. What lasts is respect and loyalty, and above all ,the art of compromise. There have been plenty of rumors about Hrithik’s philandering with his leading ladies, especially his Kites co-star, Barbara Mori. Care to explore that?

    • kG

      Jealous a bit or are u off your med again?

  • Trompadourin Tamara

    One can only suspect that no reporter in India has renovated his apartment – or-

    I myself would whom I could also move out of an apartment as long as until it is finished. Renovation dust who has already renovated knows how unpleasant this is including the noise, the color. And we do not forget the OP is still in the recovery phase Hrithik, who also have a lot of this already forgotten. And all NEGATIVE newspaper reports do not födern recovery. So we indulge in the peace and quiet as the Inside not yet came to rest

  • IPLT20
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  • Gurman Oberoi

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