Hrithik Roshan injured on the sets of Krrish 3

The macho actor sustains a major cut on his hand while shooting for his forthcoming superhero film

We all know how intense Hrithik Roshan can get when it comes to portraying a character with perfection. The Greek God takes his craft seriously and gives his best every time he appears before the camera. Hrithik has injured himself several times in the past while shooting for some dangerous action sequences. And now we hear that he has met with an accident again, this time of the sets of dad Rakesh Roshan’s production Krrish 3.

While shooting for an action scene with co-star Vivek Oberoi, the 38-year-old star got his timing wrong. Due to a poor judgment, Hrithik ended up with a big cut on his hand and started bleeding profusely. The shoot was halted and medical aid was immediately called upon. But guess what? Being the thorough professional that he is, Hrithik resumed shooting shortly after the incident, with a bandage wrapped around his hand.

This is not the first time the Roshan lad has met with an accident. Remember how Hrithik had survived a 50-foot fall on the sets of Krrish (2005) when the cables carrying him had snapped? The accident-prone actor also had a severe back injury while shooting for Agneepath recently, and has been struggling with a knee problem too.

But such is the willpower of Hrithik that he manages to bounce back with even more zest and enthusiasm. Now that’s what superheroes are made of, right Duggu?