Hrithik Roshan makes it to ex wife Sussanne Khan’s birthday guestlist

Hrithik Roshan’s ex wife Sussanne Khan is going to bring in her 38th birthday soon and guess what.. she is going to invite Hrithik for the birthday bash too. A source informs, “Sussanne is bringing in her 38th birthday on October 26 in Mumbai and is planning to host a grand party for her friends. Hrithik will also be invited to the party and if he’s in town he may attend. It’s nice to know of such exes who can put the bitterness of their past behind and move on as good friends.” Now that’s a little surprising because when Hrithik threw a birthday bash this year, Sussane’s name was missing from the guestlist.

Usually, there is awkwardness between the couple when they part ways but Hrithik and Sussanne are an exception to that. Hrithik and Sussane split a few years back and it is rather surprising to see them on cordial terms till today for the sake of their children Hridhaan and Hrehaan and for old times’ sake. Sussanne had come out in support of Hrithik when he was caught in a legal battle with Kangana Ranaut. She had come out in the open to say that the pictures Kangana was using against Hrithik were photoshopped. The two are often spotted together on important occasions of their sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan. (ALSO READ: Here’s how Hrithik Roshan and ex-wife Sussanne Khan bonded with their children in London – view pics!)

Its rather commendable that they both have let go of all the bitterness and awkwardness. Hrithik and Sussane were one of the most happening couples of B-town before they decided to part ways. Their divorce was even more talked about because we never thought that someone like Hrithik and Sussanne, who were so much in love, could split. But fate had something else in store for both of them. In one of her interviews with a magazine, when Sussanne was asked about her divorce with Hrithik, she said, “We had reached a stage in our lives where I decided that it’s better we weren’t together. It was important to be aware and not be in a false relationship. We are close (friends). We do chat a lot even though we don’t hangout together anymore. But above all, we are very committed to our children. We are respectful towards each other. When children are involved, it’s important to put our differences aside and protect them.”