Hrithik Roshan or Ranveer Singh: Who should do the Hindi remake of Magadheera?

Hrithik Roshan or Ranveer Singh: Who should do the Hindi remake of Magadheera?

Since the producer Anurag Kashyap and original director SS Rajamouli differ in their choice of lead actor, we thought we’d help them sort out the confusion

For those who aren’t clued into regional cinema, Magadheera is the highest -grossing Telugu film of recent times. The historical romance drama – starring Ram Charan Teja and Kajal Agarwal – is set in two eras: present time (the 2000s) and four centuries ago (the 1600s). A sinister event in the lead pair’s past life separated them, but obviously they meet again in the next life and reunite.

So there’s a little bit of romance, reincarnation and action in the plot. Isn’t it B-town’s favourite successful formula to get the cash registers ringing for a long time now?

The latest to bite the formula bait is Anurag Kashyap. The Gangs of Wasseypur filmmaker has bought the Hindi remake rights of Magadheera. He is still on the lookout for a director to helm the Bollywood version. But even before the project gathers some more moss, discussions and debates over the lead actor have already kicked off.

While the original director SS Rajamouli wants Hrithik Roshan to play the stuntman-cum-warrior’s role, Anurag thinks the character is perfect for Ranveer Singh. It remains to be seen if the two busy bodies will say ‘yes’ to the remake, however we thought of getting your vote on who you think physically and mentally has the capabilities to perfect the role?

Hrithik Roshan – The Greek God definitely has Jodhaa Akbar (history element) and Agneepath (action) experience behind him to easily slip into the warrior’s sandals. But do we still want the father of two play an angry young lover onscreen?

Ranveer Singh – The Band Bajaa Baaraat boy’s already working on a periodic drama Lootera, so Magadheera’s setting could be repetitive for him. However Ranveer’s bachelorhood will enhance the character’s onscreen romantic persona.

But this is what we think. Who do you feel is better suited for the Hindi version of Magadheera?

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  • sonia

    How can u compare Hritik roshan wid ranvir??? Hritik is a super star….n ranvir is just 2 movie old ordinary actor.

  • Ek

    How do you point Hrithik’ name?
    First let him select the script. Everybody knows Hrithik would not do any film without right script.
    Hrithik is my pick.

  • Hrithik 4 ever

    hrithik is the perfect choice please don’t compare him with ranveer….good looks emotions perfect body highly talented actor highly skilled dancer and asuper-hero= HRo

  • dharmendra

    really i agree with u friend no one replace to hrithik he is so powerfull actor & highly talented please yaar dont compare with ranveer singh and ranbir kapoor both are child front of hrithik so dont compare with two people

  • rinku

    lol ranveer singh is a new comer yaar dont compare superstar hrithik roshan its . hrithik’s insult yaar

  • suraj

    hrithik is a superstar please he’s our nation actor yaar this actor change all actors personaties so please yaar dont compare other chota mota actor like ranbir or ranveer watever
    dont compare

  • rounit

    i agree with u suraj hrithik change all actors personaties

    u r rocks hrithik

  • rohit

    guys hrithik is a super star and ranveer is a only star yaar please dont mention Who should do the Hindi remake of Magadheera? its insulting to hrithik yaar…..

  • varun

    Hrithik changed the concept of the hero

  • dharmendra

    hrithik rocks u r awesome man i realy agree with varun
    Hrithik changed the concept of the hero

  • Ankit

    Ms. Rachana Parekh first do some research before writing an article.In the original movie Kajal Agarwal was the actress not any anand & Magadheera was the highest grosser before Mahesh babu starrer Dookudu broke it.BTW the role is trailer made for Hrithik even Ram charan has said that.But I don’t think he is gonna do this movie.

  • dharmendra

    wat u want to say ankit we dont understand hrithik was best is best & will best got it man ankit

    • Ankit

      dharmender I meant to say that this roles suits hrithik much better than any one but he might not do that as he is against masala south remake.BTW they cant afford hrithik because thats why thay are taking ranveer as Anurag kashyap is known for making small budget movie.

  • Nisha

    I think you bollywoodlife guys don’t like Hrithik.Few days ago there was an article here calling Hrithik jobless & defending sahid as his pr. & now comparing him to ranveer and caliing him father of two.When almost 50 brigade can do
    romantic roles than why not hrithik.BTW this father of two guy looks much better & as young as this so called 30 brigade.

  • Mithun

    Hrithik is the best nd he is perfect 4 this movie

  • roro

    no one can beat hrithik and ranveer is nothing opposite him

  • Shihabudheen.c.s

    I think hrithik is the best choice for this movie.Because hrithik have a great body than ranveer singh and more stylish than ranveer singh.Hrithik have a lot of fans.So if hrithik act in this film it will be a huge blockbuster in indian film industry.

  • shiyas

    we all hrithik fans you are insultimg hrithik . He is a great actor so does not compire him with any other small actors.Only hrithik can do this film betterly

  • manuella

    they should pik ranveer cause his young and new they should let the new actors show theyre talent

  • Wise Brain

    Hrithik is very young by heart and soul even younger than Ranveer and other youngsters in the industry and has an excellence which you cannot find in any other actor.

  • Ash

    Seriously???!! The author believes that just because Hrithik is a father of 2, cannot project youthful appearance? LOL! BIG LOL.
    Ranveer is a good actor, but Man! he has loads to go before reaching the level and charisma of an actor like Hrithik Roshan!
    So, for me n i believe by the poll’s result, 81% of the readers believe Hrithik is the best choice. :)

  • ranveer

    Hrithik is one of the best actor of his generation. Its very difficult to compare him with anyone he is unique and has got everything that bollywood senior actors have eg body like salman acting like shahrukh vesatile like Aamir khan you just name it and top of it he is good looking and a fantastic dancer has got everything on him

  • Tom

    Hrithik is complete and perfect actor. He is the best choice for any type of film. In truth..he should’ve been in hollywood industry.. B’coz, his luks,style,body,acting,action,dance… all r perfect. He is the best and perfect HERO…

  • Samannay laskar

    HR is gd,btr nd bst 4 d hindi vrsn f Magadheera…He has vast xprnc dn RS…so,plz dn’t cmpr HR wd any othr…He(HR) has a unique personality nd he has gt al d skls dat an superstar need…

  • sajith

    I agree with all the guys who vote for hrithik…Ranveer is a good actor and i like him but hrithik is the best person to handle this role.. Here, a loooooooooooot of fans are waiting for hrithiks biggest project krrish 3…it will be a big bang in the indian film history….

  • dinesh r krishna

    hrithik roshan is the best actor. so he must be suitable for this movie……………………….k.

  • mitrasen yadav

    hrithik is the best actor in bollywod

  • laxminarayana boini

    best move magadeera indian the great move real hero hrutik roshan farpekt 100% hero please sir

  • Gajanan

    Dnt compaire any new comer actor wit HRITIK plz.
    Hritik is superhero yaaar