Hrithik Roshan scores higher than Salman Khan

Duggu’s Just Dance apparently opened with a much better TVR than Sallu bhai and Sanju baba’s Bigg Boss 5

Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt were hired to add much-required spice to an already spicy Bigg Boss 5, but it turned out to be a huge dud when all the crude jokes and TRP raising tactics started to look way too familiar. Just Dance, on the other hand, was a simple dance show with Hrithik (Rubberlegs) Roshan showing off his commendable dance moves every now and then. Also, there were a couple of special appearances on the show, which included big starry names like SRK and Priyanka Chopra – these could have helped raise numbers and take the show a notch higher. So basically Hrithik’s viewer friendly acts have surpassed Sallu’s slapstick humour. Hrithik and Salman were never on great terms with each other, and it got worse when the latter made offensive remarks about Roshan’s Guzaarish, which was a film based on mercy killing. Well, we think Hrithik has finally given Sallu a dose of his own medicine, and in absolute filmi style! Without getting into complex statistics and fluctuating figures, it was pretty interesting to watch these two shows slug it out for some time. But now that Just Dance is over and Hrithik is out of the television space for the time being, we think the makers of Bigg Boss 5 are more than happy with this ending.