Hrithik Roshan scores higher than Salman Khan

Hrithik Roshan scores higher than Salman Khan

Duggu’s Just Dance apparently opened with a much better TVR than Sallu bhai and Sanju baba’s Bigg Boss 5

Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt were hired to add much-required spice to an already spicy Bigg Boss 5, but it turned out to be a huge dud when all the crude jokes and TRP raising tactics started to look way too familiar. Just Dance, on the other hand, was a simple dance show with Hrithik (Rubberlegs) Roshan showing off his commendable dance moves every now and then. Also, there were a couple of special appearances on the show, which included big starry names like SRK and Priyanka Chopra – these could have helped raise numbers and take the show a notch higher. So basically Hrithik’s viewer friendly acts have surpassed Sallu’s slapstick humour. Hrithik and Salman were never on great terms with each other, and it got worse when the latter made offensive remarks about Roshan’s Guzaarish, which was a film based on mercy killing. Well, we think Hrithik has finally given Sallu a dose of his own medicine, and in absolute filmi style! Without getting into complex statistics and fluctuating figures, it was pretty interesting to watch these two shows slug it out for some time. But now that Just Dance is over and Hrithik is out of the television space for the time being, we think the makers of Bigg Boss 5 are more than happy with this ending.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • joginder

    We liked Salman…

    • imtiyaz

      are kaha SALMAN aur kaha hrithik
      salman is always great yaar.

      • Sant

        AS far as acting is concern Hrithik is much much better actor than Salman and thats why in his short carrier than salman he got best actor award for 7 of his movies.This avarage even not good for Sharukh.

        • Cinegoer

          Thank you Sant ji for enlightening us with your ideas, but y dont u preach the same under a banyan tree to some villagers?

      • Raghu

        Imtiaz I know why you ppl like Salman Sharukh Amir and why you dont like Ajay Hrithik or Ranbeer.

        • Cinegoer

          good u now it, keep it to yourself, if spoken in public, then u wont be the citizen of india anymore i promise.

      • A4AMIT

        abe sale pehle use(salman) acting karna sikha………… tum sale ajay devgan, hritik aur ranbeer ke bare me kabhi achcha likh hi nahi sakte aur ye teeno acting me salman ke baap hai aur SINGHAM nahi dekha kya be SINGHAM dekhle khud samaj me aa jayega kaun baap hai…………………………..:)

        • Arhaan

          Salman, sharukh aur aamir k bad hi in logon ka nam ata hai, aur in khans ka record koi ajay, hritik ya ranbir nahi tod sakta..samjhe

          • Ashvin

            record ki suruvat hrithik ne ki thi,abhi abhi ye bana rahe hai

          • navaraj

            i do not like hritik
            he is ugly and not beautiful than salman khan

  • Jargan

    As per the host is concern Salman is better then Hritik,,, but shows are tooo different..

  • gina

    we like hrithik..

    • Cinegoer

      We? whose that?? ;-D

    • rabin

      hritik is foolish those who love hritik than salman like you i killed you naughty

    • navaraj

      but i donot like hritik

    • dinesh

      no hritik is not good like salman

  • suzy

    According to TAM rating, ‘Just Dance’ opened at a cumulative rating of 4.7 which is the highest opening a reality show this year. Akshay Kumar’s ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 4′ opened at 3. The much anticipated ‘Bigg Boss Season 4′ with Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt opened at 4.3.

    • shahrukh

      salman trps higher than hrithik roshan just dance salman big boss 4 trps 6.3 and hrithik just dance trps 4.7 who is better
      and big boss 5 not salman khan show this is the show of sanju baba salman ne tou help kari h open karane mai bus

  • vaibhav

    salman is 1000times better than hrithik roshan.ek tha tiger is better than agneepath

    • raviraj

      hv u seen both these movie?


      stupid salman and irritating fans……

      • sidd

        you may be right,but compare in same type of movie which is not remake of bollywood.
        in fiza hritik did you think that was outstanding?
        but in wanted salman is awesome.

      • common man

        raviraj you and hrithik both are stupid and donkey

      • Irfan

        Do u want something in your mouth now raviraj?

  • sanjay

    hrithik is wat we call Mughal Emperor no one can beat him in acting

    • Mohan

      Nope Vaibhav Hrithik is 1000000000000000000 times greater than Salman

      • vaibhav

        stupid mohan.salman is 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times superior than stupid rascal hrithik

        • Ashvin

          jo south ke superhit film remake kar ke idhar hit ho raha hai uski okat to jo hamare south ke hero ke baraba hi nahi hai

      • Cinegoer

        Hey Kid Mohan!! adding zeroes after 1 does not make u the mathematician. Do u even know what’s the number u have written called? first learn, then wear a pant, then come to daddys’ club!!

  • mostafijur rahaman

    Why compare with salman bhai and ritik.ritik is child why compare with salman bhai .never compare salman bhai ok…

    • Fred

      Tu be to bacha hai, bacho jise baati karte ho.

  • sophiya

    as a host Salman is de best… I wud never miss any shows,interviews,etc with Salman in it…

    • Fred

      It doesn’t mean Salman scores more if you watch his shows, interviews or whatever.

  • imran

    Hrithik is great but salman is nothing

    • Irfan

      Salman is nothing? Which fool says this? Im pretty sure no Indian can say that if he knows Salman’s stardom. Anyways i dont think so u are from India!!

      • imran

        are you jealous,but this is truth

    • navaraj

      oh foolish i kill you
      donot make me angry one day i kill you salman is1000000000000000000000000000000000 times best than ox hritik

  • faiz khan

    srk is my favourite if any one against he i will beat him/her

    • Irfan

      Come lets see who beats whom

  • bhau

    i want to meet salman khan how is the possible !!!

  • rajeash

    hritik ki aukaat ye hai ki ye 3 tv channels
    starplus 3.7,starone 0.5 n starpravah 0.5 ki trps ko add karke 1 tv channel ki trps 3.91 and 4.3 se comparison karega.

  • tarun

    hritik is doing fake PR exercises.3 tv channels ki trp 3.7, 0.5 n 0.5 ko add karke one tv channel ki trp se comparison karvaa raha hai.

    • imran

      this is not fair my friend….

  • Ricky

    First be a good person and then be a good celeb.. Hrithik is a far better Human Being then Salman or any other actor. You can’t drive on people (on footpath), and kill chinkaras and then keep fooling around saying Being Human. And as far as the acting is concerned the best actor award tally can give u guys the answer. As for the TV TRPs Hrithik Roshan in Dance show, no Boss big or small can challenge it.

  • patel

    Hrithik is so ugly with is wired looking nose and he thinks he is nice looking idiot.

  • sucdeep

    Hrithik is a fagot.very ugly huge upper body and no legs.

  • sanu raj

    salman khan is far better actor than hrithk. where it,s come for big boss 5 trp salman has just atained first day of big boss5.that dy,s trp is best trp of big boss5 till don,t mess with salman khan.he is relly a king of bollywood

    • sampanataa

      salman i kiss you, i donot love without you,will you married me?

  • Hind

    Salman looks like Hrithik’s chaprasi

    • tom

      abey kisko kisse cmpare kar raha hai……..???
      no doubt salman is the king of box office….nd most popular actor….hritik toh abhi baccha hai!!!

  • surej m

    hrithik u 6 fingerd alian , u will be killed by salman

  • surej m

    hrithik looks like a bandar

  • salam

    Hallow every body why compere to salman & rhrithik salman is dubung but what is this rhrithik.
    Salman is handsome but he have enythink rhrithik please don’t compare to salman stoped guis.





  • rishi

    Hrithik is the one of the finest actor in Bollywood.He so much good looking than fattu budhaa sallu.Salman is not ‘bhai’ to us he is grandpaa to us.
    Agar Hrithik ka ek haat iss budha ke upar para na toh eh budha ka ooh jayega ‘tai tai phisssss’.

  • baba

    it is just plain stupid to compare one reality show’s initial episode to an others “Grand Finale”. Obviously more people will prefer to see who wins a reality show over watching contestants enter another which will run for a good 3 months! it is entirely irrelevant that who hosts!

    As far as TRPs and TV hosting is concerned, Salman Khan is the proven King.(BiggBoss4)

  • Leo

    @Navaraj: How old are you? 80? 90? get an eye check-up n luk at India’s sexiest star again.

  • pranjal sharma

    i lke it

  • naval dhiman

    salman so smart aginst hrithik

    • sunil sharma

      hrithik is best then slman

  • amanullah

    shahrukh has been proved that he is only one king of bollywoob byondin hollywood………. i love srk excellent movies ra.oneis going to blokbuster

  • Shaanshowkat

    Srk is nthng in frnt of SALLU BHAI

    • basir

      Haiiiiiiiiiiiii only See King Khan the most Intelligent Herooooooo

  • barry

    guess who wrote this piece of news didn’t know that the so called hard feelings between hrithik and salman have been laid to rest. and even hrithik had personally visited salman at his home prior to the us for carrying out the surgeries!! hey sallu bhai isn’t there through out – i bet if you take the TRPs for the days on which sallu bhai is on bigg boss 5 – it would definitely be higher than any other show on a single day.

  • okonedo eyitemi eunice

    Roshan u are 2 much.

  • Amit

    Yeh Sare musalman racist hain
    sirf shahrukh ki vah vah karte hain.