Posted Fri, January 20, 2012 4:12pm IST

The celebrity world, it’s often said, is very different from the real world. Most people assume that stars are genetically blessed, monetarily secure and have no odds to deal with. We bust few high-blown myths by presenting true tales of how prominent B-town celebs overcame their share of challenges

Fat ugly bodies, wobbly speech, lack of self-confidence and nagging apprehensions – celebrities face these challenges every day and meet them head-on. At times they are down and out, but are usually determined to bounce back by pushing the envelope. If Hrithik Roshan was mocked by his fellow schoolmates for having an extra digit on his right hand, Sonam Kapoor was teased for weighing an astronomical 96 kilos. Karan Johar was considered too effeminate to make a commanding director and Imran Khan’s wobbly tongue made him wallow in self pity. But one string that runs common through all these fabulously flawless looking people’s lives is that they accepted the challenges destiny threw in their faces and chose to fight back hard. Today they walk red carpets and ride on the road of success, fame and fortune with their heads held high….