Hrithik Roshan spends Rs 20 lakh a month on training!

Wed, December 14, 2011 5:29pm IST by
Hrithik Roshan spends Rs 20 lakh a month on training!

After suffering multiple injuries, Hrithik Roshan is apparently putting in a lot of effort to get back in shape for the Krrish sequel

We’ve heard time and again about Hrithik Roshan getting injured on the sets of Agneepath. He tried to lift a burly fighter and ended up with a slipped disc that left him bedridden for two weeks. Though he was in terrible pain, he continued to shoot for the film. However, the injury seems to have taken a toll on the wonderful physique he sported in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. The actor has flown in a special trainer from the US to whip him back in shape in time for the Krrish sequel. He doesn’t want the superhero flick to get postponed the way Agneepath got delayed because of him. It will cost the Roshans Rs 20 lakh per month to get Hrithik back in excellent shape! Looks like Hrithik was injured more badly than his family let on. Why else would they get a special physical trainer from abroad when Hrithik has been doing very well with his current trainer? Of course, Hrithik’s best laid plan might be hampered by another injury he suffered recently on the sets of the Krrish installment. The actor reportedly fell of a height and some skin peeled of his hand. Earlier too, Hrithik had suffered a serious knee injury during Kites. Maybe he should stick to ‘easier’ films like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. That’s probably the only film he didn’t get injured while shooting, although there were a lot of ‘adventures’ involved!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • sahil-kan

    that probably is not true i think he does spend a lot of money on his training but not 20 lakhs that is imossible. hes just saying it so people can think that hes really really really rich.

  • saritta

    I saw this reeivw before watching Zindagi Na Miley doobara, My friends had already told me the movie is good but I still did not shoot down this Critics reeivw because I wanted to see? the movie and judge.Now That I have seen the movie here is my opinion of the reeivw UTTER CRAP REVIEW!!!! I doubt if the guy reeivwing this is really this dumb or do they do it just to show they have BETTER TASTE!Moronic reeivw!PEOPLE PLEASE WATCH THE MOVIE AND JUDGE URSELF! HONESTLY 1 OF THE BEST MOVIES!