Hrithik Roshan to act in Tom Cruise’s Knight and Day remake?

Tue, September 25, 2012 9:00am IST by
Hrithik Roshan to act in Tom Cruise’s Knight and Day remake?

If the chinwag is true then Shahid Kapoor has lost yet another big production!

A long time ago, international production house Fox Studios had announced plans to remake Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz-starrer Knight and Day in Hindi, starring Shahid Kapoor with Siddharth Anand as director. After releasing a few photographs of the Teri Meri Kahaani actor with Anand (director of Anjaana Anjaani), we never heard anything new about the project. Except that one-time when the director and the star actor were spotted with Bipasha Basu ‘coz she was being considered to play Diaz’s part.

Anyway, the taaza khabar from Fox Studios is that Hrithik Roshan is now set to replace Shahid Kapoor. Why? Because Sasha had two back-to-back dud films namely, Mausam and Teri Meri Kahaani. We are glad that Shahid will no longer be part of the remake of a mediocre Hollywood action drama that had nothing exciting to start with. But losing out on a big production isn’t a good sign for the young rising star, no? Remember Shaks has already walked out of Yash Raj Films’ upcoming project helmed by Maneesh Sharma citing date issues? However, that’s another story ‘coz we hear that dates are not the real reason why the TMK actor isn’t doing the film.

Coming back to the desi version of the videsi action flick, a li’l birdie tells us that the jobless superhero of Krrish 3 – now called HRo by near and dear ones, and not Duggu – has accepted the film, and the makers are pursuing Katrina Kaif for the leading lady’s role.

If the Ek Tha Tiger babe agrees to do the film, we think it will be Hrithik and Kat’s chemistry – somewhat explored in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara – that will make the lackluster story of Knight And Day shine for Bollywood buffs! Don’t you agree?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • anonymous

    i think katrina kaif will make good pairing with shahid kapoor

    • anny

      Katrina will never act with a flop actor like sahid

      • karan

        but katrina will also not act with ur dad so not to worry

      • amar

        katrina will never act ur dad too so worry not just wat till next year when he delivered bigs hits like Namak, and Phata Poster Nikhla Hero

        • Ankit

          when small stars attemt remake/masala movies then fate like force john starrer happens.BTW when will his movie gonna cross 50 cr,which already been achieved by juniors like Ranbir,Imran & emran many times.

          • rahul

            His movie like vivah and jab we met are blockbuster .when shahid start working that time’s30 cr business is like crossing above 50 cr easily so don’t talk rubbishly because multiplex price are high in recent times so movie are doing buisness in one week .

          • amar

            some of the stars take some time to hit 50 look at akshay kumar it took hm 17 years to hit 50 crore with singh is kinng but still hes proclaimed as a superstar. Shahid will hit 100 crore next year with Namak.

  • Anny

    who the F*#k is writer of this article calling a flop star like sahid a young rising star & calling Hrithik a jobless actor who is a superstar.If he does one movie at a time than he becomes jobless as per ur logic.BTW he is still giving blockbuster where as ur rising star has only two hits in his
    whole career full of disaster.

    • karan

      Knight and Day remake is crap project and shhaid has done well not do it and about calling shahid a flop actor watch next year how he makes a big comeback and he has delivered many successes Ishq vishq, Chup Chup ke, 36 china town, Vivah, Jab We Met, Kaminey, Badmaash Company he has 2 big hits and 5 other successful films so dont ignore these ohh im sorry looks ur a uneducated fool who never read box office sites

      • Anny

        Dude agree Knight & day is not a good movie but ur fav star has been thrown out of that project.Yeah i will call him a flop actor you uneducated moron teaching me about boxoffice,
        first you go learn & check the verdicts of ur above mentioned movies.All are below avg/avg movies except vivah & Jab We Met.vivah was a bb @ 30 cr only.JWM was a hit/superhit.FYI emran hashmi has more succesfull & big hits than him.BTW avg = flop that doest matter much.& you can check BOI.

        • Karan

          Dude looks like u have a serious problem which darsheel safary had in taare zaameen par you need to read verdicts carefully

          Ishq Vishq – Average
          Chup Chup Ke – Average
          36 Chinatown – Above Average
          Vivah – Blockbuster
          Jab We Met – Super Hit
          Kaminey – Semi-hit
          Badmaash Company – Above Average

          2 big hits and 5 successful films is not a bad record and wait till next year Phata Poster Nikhla Hero and Namak will be his biggest hits wait and watch u moron.

          • Annwesh

            Hey moron didnt you get that above mentioned movies All are below avg/avg movies except vivah & Jab We Met.vivah was a bb & JWM was a hit Source-BOI.I am talking about proper hits
            which he has only 2 in his decade old career.IF you talk about succesful movies than even emran hashmi will give top compition to any of the top 5 actors in last 5 years.Moron first go learn how BO works then commewnt on it.Now admit sahid flopstar because he is giving flops & call him whatever when he starts giving hits.btw when his phata & namak will realese it will still collect less than Ranbir,imran & emran movies.BTW Sorry being rude I know you are a girl not any karan or wishes to ur star.

          • Annwesh

            only avg so what?????

      • Annwesh

        I bet you dont like/need to visit any bo related sites.Yeah I got it there is nothing for you as u r a fan of a some precious one.

        • karan

          HAHA we will see how Ranbir, Imran and Emraan movies gross next year because they wont stand any chance next year will be Shahids year Phata Poster Nikhla Hero and Namak both sure shot Blockbusters and then Bejoy Nabiar film which he will win him critical acclaim so wait and watch and next year Shahid is a self made guy made it up all by himself whilst Emraan, Ranbir,and Imran all have huge family background.

  • Ankit

    Vivah was a BB & Jab we met was a hit source BOI.Both collected around 30 cr.Can you name sahid’s one proper hit except these two.I am not talking about avg/below avg.

    • anonymous

      vivaah collected 65 crores at boxoffice

      • Ritz

        vivah collected around 35 crore go & check BOI.

  • Annwesh

    I dont see him giving 100 cr movies next year.If both movies performs good than it will certainly help him to get a 100 cr movie in 2014 or so.Right now he has so much of negativity around him from public.

  • riya

    Everyone calling Shahid Kapoor a flop actor need to STFU! Where was Salman Khan before Wanted released? All of his films had flopped and now he is the biggest star of the country! Even Emraan was nowhere to be heard before OUATIM and Murder 2 released! Ranbir and Imran have been lucky with their choice of films! Just because an actors’ last 2 films flopped doesn;t make him a flopstar! Shahid has given big hits in his career like JWM, Kaminey (would have been a giant hit if Mumbaitheatres weren’t closed for the first week), Vivah while Badmaash Company, Chup Chup Ke, 36 China Town and Ishk Vishk were decent hits! Watch when Namak, PPNH and Bejoy Nambiar’s Next release! I especially think Namak is going to be one of the 100 crore gorssers while PPNK and Bejoy Nambiar’s next will be around 70-90 crore.