Hrithik Roshan to pay Sussanne Rs 380 crore as alimony

Hrithik Roshan to pay Sussanne Rs 380 crore as alimony

Sussanne has reportedly demanded Rs 400 crore from Hrithik

Shocking as it may sound, Susanne has reportedly demanded close to Rs 400 crore from her former husband, Hrithik Roshan as alimony. Don’t adjust your eyes coz you read that right. And guess what? Apparently, the Krrish actor has even agreed to pay Rs 380 crore in settlement.

This picture perfect couple stunned the entire nation when they called of their 13 year old marriage on December 14, 2013. The two filed for a divorce earlier this year after which Sussanne was awarded custody of their children, Hrehaan (7) and Hridaan (5).

According to the reports, the cause of the split was Sussanne’s increased closeness to Arjun Rampal. Hrithik and Sussanne have been known to be close friends with Arjun and his wife Mehr Rampal.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • milan227

    If this is true, either she’s vindictive and wants to make him pay or he’s guilt-ridden and bending over backwards to make amends. Not a very pretty picture.

  • sun

    the truth is he cheated stop spreading false news.. about sussane she is the victim!

  • Sona

    Asking so much money. A woman who loved him once she is the mother kids.

  • Guest

    what 380 crore in U.S Dollars?

  • Sara

    I was reading this news while my 12 year old kid was sitting beside me and guess what she said? “What — is she Ritik’s wife ? I thought she was his mom” TRUE I DONT THINK SHE DESERVED SUCH A HUMBLE GOOD LOOKING GUY. She is disgusting

  • nadine

    if she had cheated on him he would have never paid so much alimony… wake up, ppl. he ws cheating left and rite behind her back and now to salvage his reputation so that his career doesn’t get affected he’s slinging mud her way. he’s India’s best looking actor and i’d still watch his movies bt he needs to keep a dignified silence like how she’s doing and show his class. No more press release or close source quotations please.

  • Oumou Sall

    Bravo sussanne, enfin une femme forte et libre, à la grande différence de toutes ces potiches bollywoodiennes.