Posted Wed, June 4, 2014 7:15pm IST

The actor was spotted having dinner with Rob Cohen last night and that had us wondering…

His first crossover project Kites might have bombed at the Indian box office but the world certainly took notice of this Indian Greek God! We think that Hrithik Roshan has all the materials required to star in a big budget Hollywood project! You ask, why? Firstly, the actor has done a variety of cinema and has loads of experience to grapple with any kind of film that can be thrown at him by Hollywood. Secondly, his chiseled body and the suave looks have an international quality! Lastly, the actor is our nation’s most loved superhero and we would love to have him play a similar role in Hollywood as well

For now we have our hopes up because we spotted the Roshan family dining with Miami Vice and Fast and Furious filmmaker Rob Cohen last night! Could it be a formal dinner? Was the popular Hollywood director here to discuss a film script with the Roshan family? Can we expect to see Hrithik in a big-budget Hollywood project being directed by Rob Cohen? For now all we can do is shoot in the dark and wait for a formal announcement! Till then, view the pics here and tell us what you think about Duggu’s casual dinner look.