Hrithik Roshan torn between Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra?

Hrithik Roshan torn between Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra?

Grapevine suggests the casting team is having a tough time between choosing Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra as the lead actor opposite Jr Roshan

Ashutosh Gowariker may have breathed a sigh of relief after having finalised Hrithik as the lead male actor for his upcoming film Mohenjo-Daro but casting a female actor opposite the Krrish actor has been giving him a tough time. It was believed that Gowariker earlier approached Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif but that didn’t work out.

Now we hear that Gowariker has been getting calls by two of the biggest Bollywood divas and both are expressing keen interest in the film. Looks like Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra want to feature in Gowariker’s Mohenjo-daro real bad! They have both been hinting at their respective interest in the film and Gowariker is now to take a call.

We figured why Kareena wants the film so bad, with the Bollywood career spiraling down her desire to bag a film opposite Hrithik being made under the Gowariker banner is understandable. Had Kareena agreed to working in Shuddhi alongside Hrithik things might have gone a lot smoother for Bebo careerwise, hai na? Whatever be the choice, we think the jodi would work because Hrithik has worked with both the actors in the past.

A source added to the information we received saying, “”Ashutosh is currently busy shooting for his TV show, Everest, due to which he has not started working on the film’s casting. He is yet to approach any heroine, though it is true that some of them have spoken to him and shown interest in starring in the project.”

We will update you on who gets the role once we know it. Till then, tell us who you think is fitter to star opposite Hrithik in Gowariker’s Mohenjo-daro: Kareena or Priyanka?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • meghana

    i prefer priyanka over kareena………..
    but i hope if there is a chance, then deepika should bag the project!!!

    • kareena

      No only kareena

      • ashok

        yeah we want kareena to bag many films now… its her time now

        • meghana

          why r u all telling me whom to choose!!! im giving my own opinion!!! even many of them want to see hrithik-deepika pair up: even though it msy or may not work!!

    • aisha

      My fav actress is pc, but honestly, i would like this one to go to kareena or Dp cos Priyanka is overworked, she needs time to rest, music album coming out, DDD , bajirao mastani, madamji some film maker picked her as 1st choice 4 previn barbi biopic ……, it’s too much, no one should work that much, even Dp is going to takes a rest, so I’ve heard .

      • meghana

        ya even i think priyanka should take a break1!!

    • Karan

      Hrithik and Deepika, when are we going to see this pair? I’m waiting as well.

  • raj

    kareena should be selected.. we are dying to watch kareena and hrithik..priyanka and hrithiks jodi is very common and boring

  • bebo

    Priyanka practtically kareena is flop qween

  • bebo

    Pc only pc

  • mohit

    bebo mein bebo.. dil mera lelo.. chooose kareena.. sigham 2 will cross 200 crores.. then she will get super busy signing films.. select her now before your time is up..

  • ash

    priyanka no ways.. artificial she is

  • bebo

    pc and hritik looking hot together

  • sneha

    kareena and hrithik are the best

  • bebo

    Only pc

  • arjun

    only bebo

  • bebo

    Pc upcoming films mary kom,. B. M.,. Madamji,. Ddd.

  • imran

    priyanka is a threat to deepika.. so deepika will prefer kareena signs it.. as she has no threat from bebo now

  • armaaan

    all priyankas films will flop.. priyanka has equal number of flops as kareena

    • dhary

      priyanka’s movies r blockbusters she gave 3 super hits with hrithik n so more n flops everyone has from mr bachan to srk salmanaamir bebo deepika who doeant have so get well soon armaan jerk

  • bebo

    Kareena singhaaaaaaam 2

  • dan

    singham returns.. wohoooo.. rohit shetty film when is it releasing.. cant wait :(

  • priyanka

    omg.. waiting for singham 2 now.. loved the first part.. kareena is family to rohit shetty.. hope he signs her in all films

  • Rohan

    Kareena will be super busy with bejoy nambiar’s next with Amitabh Bachchan and Farhan Akhtar, Shuddhi with Salman Khan and Mohenjo Daro with Hrithik Roshan. She will make official announcement soon…Bebo Rocks.

    • Love Flopeena

      busy pubbing, flopeena has no movies

    • Karan

      With what movies? As of this time, she has no movies apart from completely hero oriented Singham-2. She had Shuddhi with Hrithik and Bombay Samurai with Farhan, but both of them are gone from her hand.
      As for selecting from Kareena & Priyanka for Mohenjo-Daro along with Hrithik, Kareena is better choice since she’s better suited for a role of queen and hasn’t worked with Hrithik in past 10 years.

    • kkk

      well said don’t take these fuckin haters seriously they all suck

  • david

    eww kareena is a flop. she looks like a man. if she is in the movie i wont watch it!!!

  • tanu

    Yuck Priyanka she looks artificial.. Kareena plz say yes to more films… eewwwwwww will boycott this film if Priyanka is in this crap.. Like how the audience boycotted drona haha

    • aisha

      You must be looking at the mirror

  • tanu

    Bebo looks solo beautiful.. Girls r just jealous of her..

    • montu


  • nishant

    Kareena please do more films your fans are going mad not seeing you in the theaters :( no heroine can ever replace you… Ur our ultimate heroine

  • nishant

    Kareena do 4 films every year again..we need to see you..

  • dhary

    priyanka is the best actress qween of bollywood everyone want to work with her n she has so many films line up which mary kom n dil dhadakne do will finish earlier

  • aisha

    It’s funny how pple just fall for anything, ofcourse once pc and bebo”s name r considered for any role or project, the medi will sensationalize it cos they know their “dirt” news will sell, what’s worst is they make it seem both actresses r desperate for the part with no mention of the role in the script. Don’t know about bebo, but it’s clear that it’s the content of the script and substance of the role that influences pc’s decision to do roles, surely the makers of the movie might be considering them both but i doubt it’s a do or die affair especially 4 pc who has more than enough on her plate. I mean the lady is not a machine, i think it’s time 4 her to do charity 4 bebo and leave the role to her since she always does charity for others. Also am sure many would like to see bebo – Hrithik jodi again.
    Gossips sites will surely get alot of hits with this one.

  • amrita

    Kareena your the best.. We fans love you.. U have worked for 15 years..with a film releasing each year..

  • <3cppd<3

    Priyanka please give this film to flopeena. She is so jobless currently. Please let her do the film else she will start begging again!! Flopeena badly need this film. we all understand her desperateness for these films.

  • tamchigablo2

    Priyanka only.I love priyanka so actress cannot compete in talent.she amazing..

  • <3cppd<3

    priyanka plz let flopeena feel a bit of happiness by giving her this film!! :P

  • raj

    sure kareena would be great

  • Love Flopeena

    oh, flopeena is still alive.

  • Love Flopeena

    who would bank on a flopeena? time for her to become a housewife.

  • ABY

    Kareena Kapoor Khan would be cool and the jodi of Hrithik and Kareena was a loved one by many people <3

  • z

    Sonakshi SInha Sonakshi SInha Sonakshi SInha

    • Karan

      God no!

  • laila

    Although I would love to see Hrithik and Kareena appear onscreen again, I recognize the chances are slim. After nearly eleven years of speculation here and there (most recently with Shuddhi) I’ve become uber cautious of these two. In short, they make me nervous. Their names get dragged everywhere with no pleasing outcome. I’m over it. Above all, I appreciate Ashutosh Gowariker as a great filmmaker. His direction brings out the best in Hrithik and it will be nice seeing these two collaborate again. That’s at least one reunion to be happy about. HOWEVER, I struggle to envision Priyanka in a period film. Her face is stunning but contemporary. That may be a personal failing of mine but, it would curb my interest in this project.

  • Bri

    Priyanka would be okay. I want to see her paired with someone else though. Hrithik too. So between the two, I think Kareena is the best choice.

  • RehaRoma

    Although my heart is still wrapped up in disappointment from the outcome of Shuddhi, I hold out hope – foolishly, I admit, for Hrithik and Kareena to reunite onscreen.







  • hatebachchans

    priyanka is best…kareena is half mard

  • Karan

    Why not Anushka or Deepika? They are also talented actresses.

    If I were to select, I’d prefer Kareena over Priyanka, as she would be better suited for a role of queen (if she could hide her age with all the makeup) and we have seen Hrithik with Priyanka TOO many times recently. I don’t want Hrithik to only work with only one actress.

    So, Hrithik-Anushka/Deepika/Kareena over overdone Hrithik-Priyanka.

  • amaira

    kareena without a doubt.. audience is getting bored of piggy chops now.

    • aisha

      You must be ” the audience “, Kareena ! cos unlike Pc, she needs this job.

  • yami

    pc is bitch..she has rated hrithik least in stupid show kwk 4…she is real bitch

  • Lissa_Malaysia

    My vote for priyanka chopra n hrithik. Hot jodi…

  • ABC

    Well Agneepath saw their immense chemistry on screen, the magic is sure to recreate!

  • Miral


  • Cat

    Hrithik Roshan and Kareena? Omg, if onlyyy. I’m desperate to see them together again. Childhood dream, what can I say? I’d back this project 100% if ashutosh casted them. SOMEONE GET ON THIS STAT. !!

  • Naina

    Kareena Kapoor always being the 1st choice of every filmmakers in bollywood, whether its hum dil de chuke sanam for aishwarya, kaho na pyaar hai for amisha patel, black for rani mukherji, kal ho na ho for preity zinta, fashion for priyanka chopra, chennai express and ramleela for deepika….whoever gets the role, KKK is always no.1.

  • zaraaaa

    I think pc guys she look hot wiv hrithik,I don’ kareena acting ??????

  • mantosh arya

    priyanka with hritik jodi is very nice

  • Farida

    If Kareena is in the movie I won’t watch it. I don’t like her man face. I don’t watch her movies.

  • Nila

    I will skip this movie if karena is in it.

  • sneha

    hate kareena she looks like a transexual!!!

  • rohit

    kareena is ugly

  • Daljit

    LOL kareena has masculine face

  • prakash12

    im laughing at karenas pic lol she is looking so ugly!

  • Daljit

    Will not watch if man kareena is in it. i dont like to look at her face

  • Harry

    Kareena is looking so ugly in that pic..

  • Unicorn

    Kareena and Hrithik for sure!! I really want to see them together again!