Hrithik Roshan’s Bang Bang goes over budget

Hrithik Roshan’s Bang Bang goes over budget
Yogen Shah

We hear Fox Studios isn’t happy as the film has exceeded its estimated budget

Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif’s upcoming action thriller Bang Bang is a big budget film. No wonder, director Sidharth Anand has shot the film across various locations like Greece, Abu Dhabi, Thailand, Mumbai, Shimla and Delhi. However, the makers have already shelled out a whopping Rs 130 crore for the film. Apparently, the estimated budget of Bang Bang was around Rs 85 to 90 crore. This means the budget has already gone overboard by Rs 50 crore which is indeed worrisome. Well, the number is going to shoot up coz the last schedule of Hrithik-Kat starrer is yet to start. Also, once the shooting gets wrapped up, Bang Bang makers will then have to take care of marketing and post production cost as well. In that case, this flick is turning out to be way too expensive, hai na?

But while talking to a leading tabloid, Sidharth Anand said, “It’s funny! Yes, Bang Bang is a big-ticket film but its budget is as per the scale of the film. There’s no question of exceeding it.”

We certainly hope that’s the case coz if Bang Bang fails at the box office then Sidharth Anand may find himself in deep trouble, right peeps?Subscribe to me on YouTube


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  • musketeer

    I think it will flop. because the original was a big flop in hollywood eventhouth it had hollywood’s biggest star in it.

    • Krishna

      Oye Mr. Without knowing anything u should’d speak anythinG. Knight and Day was a big hit. Just shut up !!!! N all the haters of Hritik…GO TO HELL…BANG BANG will be a super duper hit.