Hrithik Roshan’s loss is Saif Ali Khan’s gain?

Hrithik Roshan’s loss is Saif Ali Khan’s gain?

Reportedly, the Bullet Raja actor has bagged the role that was earlier supposed to be essayed by the Krrish 3 star

Now, this is something we strongly refuse to believe, simply because there can’t be any comparison between the two actors – Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan in terms of style, substance, acting, charm…whatsoever! According to a newspaper story, Kabir Khan and Hrithik Roshan were supposed to work together in a film, but reportedly the honey-eyed actor made Khan wait for a ‘considerable’ amount of time which irked the filmmaker to no end and he apparently had no choice but to replace the lead actor of his film.

It’s learnt that after Ek Tha Tiger, Kabir was excitedly looking forward to start work on his next biggie but little did he know that his lead actor Hrithik – who’s super busy with Karan Johar’s Bang Bang and his home production Krrish 3 – would spoil his plan. Unlike other B-town stars, Roshan is known to be quite organised and committed. But things seemed to have gone wrong this time around.

So now Kabir has requested his producer Sajid Nadiadwala to opt for another hero and we hear they are thinking of roping in the Chote nawab in place of Hrithik. Uff! Nadiadwala, who’s producing films like Heropanti and Highway, is also said to be working on Salman Khan’s Kick, and he can’t afford to waste any more time on this project waiting for Hrithik endlessly. The movie is reportedly all set to go on floors in October this year.

Considering Saif’s repertoire of films releasing this year, we don’t deny that the actor is in demand, but that doesn’t put him in Hrithik’s league. So why then did Kabir Khan take this risk, and will it pay off? Will Saif be able to step into Hrithik’s big shoes and live up to the challenge? What do you think BollywoodLifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Sonia

    You guys post fake info..Kabir Khan’s movie was always supposed to roll after Krrish3 released..and he is not doing Karan Johar’s Bang Bang..But Siddharth Anands’s Bang Bang produced by Fox Studios!!Please get the facts right b4 posting!

  • Raj

    Saif would have been picked for a different movie.It will be a fool who will replace Hrithik for any other actor.

  • Imran

    no one can compete with Hrithik Roshan not even all Khan,s

    • Mine

      Yupp Because Khans dont have to get down from their Higher position to a Smaller Position like Hrithik is Haveing, With all due respect Hrithik is not near the Khans its a Fact hrithik is a Brilliant Actor He is surely in Top 3 in Bollywood on basis of Acting and Charishma. But is not near the Khans Yet, Khans have their own loyal fanbase which is hard to achieve for Hrithik. But he is a Brilliant actor and Dancer with a great body and Greek god like Looks. But Not Number 1

  • rohan


  • RAJA

    duggu is as good as saif. saif is seasoned actor so he will be good replacement.saif has proved he will be in 100 cr league of actors

    • Nisha

      Saif is a flop actor who only have 4 to 5 clean hits in his entire career of 20 years.besides that he looks awful.

  • gourav

    hrithik is great actor but saif ali khan is infinte times better than him. saif is senior actor and hit actor. it would wrong to compare saif to hrithik. role of langa tagya can not be done by hrithik as saif did. saif is awesome. my vote for saif

    • Nisha

      Saif is highly annoying & he is a pain to watch on screen.

  • gunjun

    saif is hot so kareena selected him not hrithik. saif is bigger actor than hrithik roshan.saif is getting big and bigger with flims.

    • Samrat

      you have pathetic choice….

  • feben

    what ever you all saying please don’t be blind. Hrithik is number 1 better than khans. tell me whats special about khans rather than benign 3 khans all are old and not even compare with sensational, one perfect actor in Bollywood. saif? please
    no even compare near to him. look they being in this industry 20 and more years, but interments of acting he always compere and bite them in awards. he is also great dancer, hansom and sexy. kareena she is in-love with him for your information he got married befor her. he chose suzan before. in short word he is the bestessssssttttttt.

  • abhijit

    Really hav no idea hw popular ur website is bt i read the updates on bade acche lagte hai. Hav to say that ur comments on Saif seem to be biased and prejudiced. Irrespective of hrittik’s super success the comparision u made particularly the acting part can b debated endlessly. How can we forget roshan jr was projected as the new no1 ten yrs ago and that he wud blow away the 3 khans with his looks acting & dancing. However the khans still remain untouched and roshan sr had to bail out his son from lean periods. Hrittik’s qualities r undeniable bt u cant ignore akshay ajay & saif who hav been in top 7-8 including 3 khans & roshan for last 10 yrs. Bt at the end of the day i take this column as entertainment and nothing serious.

    • Rajiv

      dude nobody cares about no7 or 8 its about top 5 always.Akshay only joined them in 2007 where as Ajay just recently started giving some hits.Hrithik is there in top 5 right from his first day.Hrithik has 5 bb & Akshay 2 bb where as saif & ajay have none.You cant compare hrithik with saif in anyway.but if you are a Saif fan than you should ignore it.

      • abhijit

        Boss u seem to b a die hard hrithik fan & no one can object to that. U r right about akshay. He has seen ups & downs. Do u know he was once considered at par with shahrukh khan in terms of success in 1996 after khildiyon ka khiladi. After kaho na pyaar hai in 2000, his next solo hit came in 2003 with koi mil gaya. And people said he cud do well only with his dad. 2006 was the year when dhoom 2 changed this perception. During the early years he ws called a one film wonder like kumar gaurav & many cosidered abhishek & vivek oberoi as competition. So consistencty ws an issue with him. I m not at all anti hrithik & finding it foolish to comment on all this but people do get guided by media reporting. The film reporting staff of tv net etc r mostly young rookies starting their careers. They r not aware of film history to the extent they shud be. Most of the research is done on wiki imdb etc. I ws commenting on that. Hrithik is comparable to saif or not is a personal opinion.

    • Santosh

      Both are good actors but hrithik is far ahead of Saif. Hrithik has become a superstar..saif is not a superstar at all….

    • sourav


  • gautam

    saif is better then hrithik

  • rahul


  • gourav

    Saif is any given day a better friends than roshan boy. saif had series of flops but today made it top rather hrithik is still a super flop actor despite of having huige bollywood sucess flims. both saif and hrithk have won best debutant but saif is 100% more cpable then roshan boy.

    its not baised but its facts

    • sourav

      this is to those who thinks Hrithik is a flop actor>>> GO VISIT A MENTAL HOSPITAL>>>>

  • md

    haha .. some people here are damn crazy .. there is no comparison of hrithik with saif .. hrithik is miles ahead of saif .. till date saif’s achievment is zero in front of hrithik .. saif doesnt have the power to make a film hit with his own capability .. saif is not a star.. hrithik was , is and will remain a Superstar alwayz and his popularity is increasing day by day

  • giya

    hrithik is far far far far better than saif.Saif doesnot even look good hrithik is so awesome in my view the film wont work with saif

  • gourav

    oh hrithik is not star but star kid while saif is super star

  • vishal rana

    hrithik rockkzzz dont compair to any actor wad hirthikk

  • shirley

    i want kabir khan to convince Hrithik the way karan malhotra did because i want to see Hrthik and Kabir khan to work on a movie project cast Hrithik as the lead hero.

  • sourav

    I respect both the actors…both of them are equally good in their respective way… still no 1 can’t replace the green eyed HUNK>>hrithik


    Hrithik is the best.There is no comparison between hrithik and saif.Hrithik is far far far far… better than saif in terms of everything.

  • Shubham

    hrithik is far better than saif.

  • Tabarak Hossain

    1st saif then hrithik.

  • avtar singh

    are bhai hrithik no.1 superstar because hrithik ki madam tussade me stechu laga hai jaha par superstar logo ko hi jagah milati hai saif to sirf star hai not a superstar aur krrish 3 every film records are break

  • Dileep

    Crazy any one compare the most good looking hero of indian cinema Hrithik roshan with a cheap and worst looking actor saif..u peoples are insulting the hrithik..please give him some respect and compare him with Hollywood

  • Himanshu

    Said is a great actor but Hrithik is the Greatest!!!