Hrithik was the initial choice for Susanna!

As per initial plans Vishal Bharadwaj was considering to change the protagonist in Ruskin Bond’s short story from a female to a male character.

It would probably be thought of as sacrilegious to dress up our local Greek god (read Hrithik Roshan) in drag, but that was what Vishal Bhardwaj originally wanted…sort of. The maverick filmmaker’s initial plan was to turn Ruskin Bond’s short story – Susanna’s Seven Husbands – into a male-centric tale and have Hrithik play the lead role. It is known that Hrithik and Vishal have a mutual admiration society, and are keen to work together. The plans, however, got nipped in the bud, all for the sake of logic. “It is easier to have compassion for a woman, even after she commits seven murders, but not for a man, even if he is right in doing so,” reasons a source from the production unit. “After working with Priyanka, Bharadwaj knew he had found an actress who would be able to carry off Susanna’s role. So he went back to the original story and that is how Saat Khoon Maaf got made.” Whether the audience would have sympathised with Hrithik in a male-centric version, we don’t know. But he could have lost a lot of female fans out there!.