Humaima Malick: Kissing is no big deal, everyone’s doing it!

Humaima Malick: Kissing is no big deal, everyone's doing it!

The actress’ first Bollywood film Raja Natwarlal will hit the theatres soon

Humaima Malick will be seen alongside Emraan Hashmi in the upcoming film Raja Natwarlal. Considering that she hails from Pakistan, and she has shot for some intimate scenes for the film, she obviously invited some criticism. But the actress claims that it wasn’t coz of the kissing scenes. When asked if she received any threats, Humaima was quoted by a daily, “There have been no death threats. The only criticism was that they should not have released the trailer in the Holy month of Ramzan.”

Humaima Malick will be seen in a rather sexy avatar in Kunal Deshmukh’s film. She says, “I’d never worn a choli before or danced and kissed on screen. But Bollywood is a different ball game and even legends like Vyjayanthimala and Madhuri Dixit have done intimate scenes and songs. Kissing is no big deal, everyone’s doing it. So, I too agreed despite my initial apprehensions. There is a thin line between sensuality and vulgarity and I don’t think I have breached it.”

Well, while Humaima seems comfortable with her role, we hope her Bollywood film Raja Natwarlal’s release faces no trouble in her homeland, Pakistan. Fingers crossed!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Dania

    Like you said she’s invited the criticism. I’m Pakistani, things I hate about us is abuse and death threats. If you disagree with something, speak up, but don’t send abuse and death threats to someone doing something you dot agree with. It’s wrong & totally over the top. I must say Pakistanis watch Bollywood a lot and most Pakistanis don’t mind Bipasha doing an intimate scene or Katrina dancing on Kamli but if an actress does it rather of her being Muslim or Christian if she is Pakistani then all hell breaks loose. It’s hypocrisy, but this doesn’t mean I’m just blaming Pakistanis. Humaima has crossed all religious and cultural boundaries and she’s lyinh about the criticism. She has lost all fans, people being so abusive, and people hoping for the failure of her career…and sadly life. Dramas and films are celebrated in Pakistan, but there’s a limit to it. Women don’t need to be exposed to sell movies here, same with men, and family entertainment shouldn’t have scenes like this which are totally awkward.