Humne Li Hai…Shapath actor Iris Maity shows real life heroism

The actor saw a fellow model getting harassed in Film City, Goregaon and ran to her rescue…

At 11 pm a model turned actor who couldn’t find a mode of transport walked out of the premises of Film City, Goregaon but a couple of goons latched on to her to harass her. Iris Maity, who plays Officer Lara on the Life Ok show Humne Li Hai…Shapath was passing by the scene in an auto rickshaw herself and upon seeing girl getting attacked she immediately went to her rescue and fought off the molesters herself! Trained in karate, the brave actor gave one of the harassers a bloody nose who quickly fled from the sight to avoid further damage.

Well we think it is absolutely remarkable of Iris to have saved a woman while she too was travelling alone. How she lived up to her onscreen image in real life is also praiseworthy. We hope that other actors like Iris who make recurring public appearances also grow equally vigil and trained in self-defence tactics because they are often made a soft target by anti-social elements to claw at.