Hyderabad High Court issues a legal notice to Mallika Sherawat

The actor might be in trouble for wearing the tri colour outfit for her upcoming film

A bench comprising Chief Justice Kalyan Jyoti Sengupta and Justice PV Sanjay Kumar of the Hyderabad High Court on have issued notices to the Central Board of Film Certification, the Union home ministry and Mallika Sherawat for dishonouring the national flag in an upcoming film.

A human rights activist, Mr T Dhangopal Rao requested action against the actor, the makers of the film and the Censor board for obscenely using the Indian tri colour in a poster of the film titled Dirty Politics.

The poster has Mallika sitting atop a car with the tri colour draped below her waist.

The director of Dirty Politics KC Bokadia issued a statement earlier saying that he will not change the poster. The court has demanded legitimate explanation as to why it was necessary to use the tricolour in poster of the film. The case has been adjourned for six weeks.