I would love to act for fun, says Kiran Rao!

She worked as an assistant director in the Oscar nominated 2001 movie Lagaan and went on to prove her mettle as a filmmaker with her debut film Dhobi Ghat starring her superstar husband Aamir Khan. And now Kiran Rao wants to try her hand at acting

Looks like Kiran Rao is tired being behind the camera and wants to be in front it for a change. Though she doesn’t consider acting a career option, Aamir Khan’s wifey says she wouldn’t mind doing it just for fun. In fact, Kiran is quite familiar with showing off her thespian skills. The 39-year-old explored that side of her personality when she was in college and even did a minute-long role in Aamir’s Dil Chahta Hai.

Talking about donning the actor’s hat Kiran says, “I don’t know if I can act in a film. I used to enjoy acting on-stage in college; it’s a great experience, good fun. I would love to do it for the fun of it if there is an opportunity at some point but it is certainly not a career option.”

Well, with a little help from Mr Perfectionist, Kiran can surely nail this one too, wethinks!