If not Shuddhi, which project will Kareena Kapoor romance Hrithik Roshan in?

If not Shuddhi, which project will Kareena Kapoor romance Hrithik Roshan in?

The alleged ex-lovers were supposed to star in KJo’s ambitious film Shuddhi. Sadly, things didn’t materialise as the duo opted out from the project. But worry not Bebo and Duggu fans coz we hear these two actors are indeed teaming up again…

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Hrithik Roshan may have backed off from Karan Johar’s intense love story Shuddhi but the duo will share screen space pretty soon. Rumours are rife that Ashutosh Gowariker has finally made his choice and will cast Bebo and not Priyanka Chopra opposite Jr Roshan in his period drama Mohenjo-daro. Though there has been no official announcement regarding the same, media reports claim that it is Saif Ali Khan’s begum who has bagged the coveted film. “A lot of names have been doing the rounds as far as the lead heroine in Gowariker’s next film is concerned. But Kareena has been finalised as the lead opposite Hrithik. She has everything that Gowariker is looking for in his leading lady and it is a given that Hrithik and Kareena will look fantastic together onscreen,” a source told a leading tabloid.

Just a few days back, we had told you both Kareena and PeeCee had shown interest in Gowariker’s magnum opus. But this time it seems the Exotic babe has lost the plum project to her arch rival. Good for Ms Khan coz her filmi career desperately needed a good push, hai na? And even better for us as we haven’t seen Bebo-Hrithik jodi sizzle on the silver screen for more than a decade now.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Cattypuss

    It’s time Hrithik was paired with a completely new face. As much
    as I like Aish>Pee Cee, Kareena, ect it’s starts to get boring seeing
    him with the same people all the time. He is entering a new phase in
    his life now, and as a maturing actor a new face on the scene would
    create excitement and interest. Ashu is no fool and neither is Hrithik.
    Together they will choose the lady best suited for this movie. His
    co-star would have to have the ‘look’ for this period saga. I am so over
    the moon with this news I could hardly contain myself. Best news in
    ages, and at the moment Hrithik needs a good distraction from his
    personal issues.

    • meghana

      he should be paired with deepika!!!

      • t2t

        Black deepika and white hrithik not good pair

        • meghana

          one day if ull turn black and if every1 will start teasing u the same u are i dont think u wil like it…..
          and i think ur blind becoz deepika is not black but she is dsky in colour…..
          and u cant tell me wht to choose!!!!!

  • lolo

    Wonder how much she has begged to cast her in that project

  • kkk

    so happy to hear this news atleast now some people will shut their mouth who were claiming bebo is jobless hahaha !!!! i can’t see those fucking haters here

  • Hera

    This would be a dream come true! Sigh

  • Sour grapes

    I’m going to flip out (in a good way) IF this is true.

  • Mora

    I’ve been waiting for so long to see Hrithik work with Kareena again. He’s my favorite actor and I always thought there was great onscreen chemistry between them. It just hasn’t been used properly yet. Ashu is definitely the guy to do it!

  • Lily

    Please someone make it official!

  • Rosi

    It’s been so long since Hrithik and Kareena were cast opposite each other their pairing almost feels fresh all over again.

  • Olga

    She’s not jobless, she rejected all the movies, she needs a break. She’s not as ambitious as priyanka or deepika. She knows her place and no one can replace it.

  • mantosh arya

    priyanka is corrects for this with hritik