Imagine Dragons’ song Levitate for Jennifer Lawrence – Chris Pratt’s Passengers is out of this world

To have Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt come together for a movie is like a dream come true for many fans. They star in Passengers – which is lovingly being called Titanic set in space. And guess what Imagine Dragons has come up with a brand new track for the film’s soundtrack. This one called Levitate, perfectly sums up the feel of the film and compliments the story.

Levitate is bound to pull you in like a black hole in space with its sheer musical genius. Imagine Dragons last single Roots was not their best work, but the band bounces back  to perfection with zero gravity, and a big thanks goes to the stunning visuals of the film playing in the background of the music video.  Also Read: Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt’s Passengers has two interesting motion posters – check them out

Pratt and Lawrence play passengers on a spaceship on a voyage to a new planet. The two leads wake up 90 years too early, unexpectedly, from the cryogenic cycle that was supposed to last 120 years. They have the entire spaceship to romance! And of course now they have the Imagine Dragons track to slow dance on.

This is not the first time Imagine Dragons has been roped in for a Jennifer Lawrence movie. Who We Are was created by the band for the hit The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.  The song topped the music charts for a very long time. Imagine Dragons also featured in the track Sucker for Pain in Suicide Squad. But we  bet Levitate is gonna beat Sucker for Pain and Who We Are in no time.

Imagine Dragons should gear up for the awards season as they are sure to take many accolades home.