Imam Siddique: I will charge less than Shahrukh Khan and dance better than him

Tue, January 22, 2013 12:37pm IST by
Imam Siddique: I will charge less than Shahrukh Khan and dance better than him

Yes, at least that’s what the style addict thinks. And here’s why…

All those who were glued to their TV sets when the popular reality television show Bigg Boss 6 was playing must have witnessed the brief spat between Salman Khan and Imam Siddique which took place because Sallu was trying to imitate the style addict. In what followed suit, Imam made a flippant remark about Shahrukh Khan being the product of marketing and Salman defended his arch rival saying SRK has worked hard for being where he is presently.

But looks like Imam’s perception about King Khan hasn’t really changed. ‘Coz now, when Siddique is out of the glass-walled house, he can’t stop bragging about how much his demand has increased. And while quoting the various offers he gets for events and shaadis, Imam was heard saying in an interview, “I will come for a wedding, charge lesser than Shahrukh Khan for a dance and do a better job than him. He is a non-dancer while I am a dancer.” Errmm…really?

Wonder what darling Shahrukh would have to say to that one. But while we await SRK’s reaction, you tell us, readers, do you agree with Imam Siddique?

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  • Deepak

    U people should not compare any lallu panju with srk. They r trying to become famous by using his name anu u r letting them and that too by attaching his photo with that of srk.

  • Kerstin Schrank

    Äh, who is Imam Siddique?

  • faheem

    shahrukh khan the greatest living legend & the real and only superstar of indian cinema

  • faheem

    akshay kumar sabse bada superstar no1 living legend

  • Shaikh Sahil

    Srk is d only King no one can Compete with him even big superstars like salman and akshay and your competing him with imam hahahaha JOKE OF THE YEAR

  • shahrukh

    salman is the big superstar of the bollywood.
    srk donkey saala king of only money and he does not know the meaning of charity and no SANSKAAR without parents.

    salman khan is the only king

    • Kriss Breezy

      you are a fool who does’nt know about life and nature.

  • Kriss Breezy

    Imam is a prick and is jealous because King Khan(SRK) is successful in life and richer than.
    hmm,poor Imam Siddique

  • Ishaan Khan

    Imam Siddique Stop Cracking Jokes Saale Agar 50 Saal Bhi Practise Kiya Na Tab Bhi King K Position me Nahi Aasakega ! Get A Life !

  • OmgSRK

    Well who is Imam ?? :P

  • Sam

    Am serious Imam is soooooo annoying and irritating….god I don’t have a clue how these people cba stand him in house??? Dhelnaaz is my favorite so is ashka, sana, and urvashi is abit. I completely hate Karishma as she is fake and two faced just like niketon said it. Sapna is also abit fake to me and so is Vrajesh he is soooooooo Fake and two faced.

  • sana khan

    yes imam u rock…………ur rigth

  • rahul

    wowwwwwwwwww imam bhai ur a real rockstar

  • sikandar

    Siddique ismental petion somebody give him mental hospital addresa

  • sikandar

    Tu cherity ki baat karta hai,srk is only indian who recieve unesco award for his charity and for ur cmy”SANSKAR”.daru pike sote hue logo par gadi chadha dena tere bhai ko kisne sikhaya

  • nikhat

    Who is this dog siddique, why is he barking? One thing, he is right King khan has set the highest achievement bar,million of us are dying to touch that. One thing for sure siddique you can’t even touch SRK feet.

  • jasmin

    guys to be honest srk is really rich but he never donates money for poor and thats why he is becoming rich but salman donates money n he helps poor thats why people love salman the most n yeah i love salman he have a golden heart

    • Kartik

      Who told you this.If you will ever go Tata Cancer Institute,u will find that more than 23 wards are donated by SRK nd Leelawati hospital as well.I mean both Sallu
      And SRK are kindheart.We can’t question their generosity.