Imam Siddique: No Khan or Kapoor ever received as much love as I did during Bigg Boss 6

The quirky casting director made some rather politically incorrect but wonderfully entertaining statements during a recent live online chat

Bigg Boss 6 is over and gone, but it looks like the most colourful character from the show Imam Siddique has made a lasting impression on his audience. While some viewers absolutely abhorred him for constantly instigating his co-contestants and being a motor-mouth, many loved him for his antics and quirks. And it is not too surprising that the real Imam is not very different from the man we watched on the small screen. He is as politically incorrect and over the top in real life too….

Here are a few statements he made during a recent live online chat with his ‘fans’ that only drives home our point…

Har industry ka 1 demand aur 1 sacrifice mujhe mila. 50 lakh nahi mile, lekin jitna mujhe pyaar mila, utna kisi Khan, Kapoor, Hollywood, Bollywood..kisiko nahi mila (you have to make a demand and a sacrifice in this industry. I didn’t win Rs 50 lakhs but I so much love. Even a Khan or Kapoor or anyone else from Hollywood or Bollywood ever received as much love as I did).

Niketan is not worthy of a mention. He’s from the depths of hell…im not interested in such people who are ‘manimals’

Ek zamaane main mujhe lagta hai ki main gay hoon. (At some point I did feel I was gay) Maybe I’m gay, maybe im bisexual and maybe im trysexual. Ill like to do anything sexual with anyone whose EQ and IQ matches with me. Main apna Swayamvar rachana chahta hoon (I want to do choose a partner for myself) Whether you’re gay, single, divorced, men, women, etc I have no problems. I’ll come to every corner of the world and have a relationship with every one of you who wants to.

I wasn’t picking on Rajev. That loser was picking on me! Jab Anushka Sharma aayi thi, tab unhone bola ki unhe mujhse dar lagta haiii (When Anushka Sharma came into the house, she said she was scared of me)… I have met her before and I don’t know why she behaved that way

Mere 15 wigs 1 blue bags main taxi main rakhe the Andheri main kho diye ( I left my 15 wigs and a blue bag in the taxi when I was on my way to Andheri) Sorry Bharat and Doris..unki amanat kho gayi (they lost their belongings). Agar wo kisi ko mile to mujh tak pohoncha dijiye Network18 ke office se (If anyone finds them please sen them to the Network 18 office). I’m coming to the new show ‘Nautanki’. So please support me and make this the biggest show in the world.

Urvashi Dholakia-winner, Delnaz Paul-loser, Aashka Goradia-wannabe. Rest of them (Sapna Bhavnani and Sana Khan) – a band of vagabonds.