Imam Siddiqui: I’m not the same Imam who entered Bigg Boss

Imam Siddique, who caught the public’s attention during his stint on reality show Bigg Boss 6 in 2012, says his own reality show Timeout with Imam puts the spotlight on him

Imam is best remembered for his weird antics and temper in the Bigg Boss house. However, he says he is a changed person now.

“I hope to God that I have changed from that Imam to this Imam. I have realised the person that I was before I went to Bigg Boss and the person I have become after I came from Bigg Boss, are two different people,” Imam said.

“I’m not the same Imam who entered the house, that Imam is over. I have changed, for the better, I hope,” he added.

At the launch of his new show on Tuesday, Imam said Timeout with Imam is entirely about him and it is packed with everything that a good reality show should have. “This is based on I, me and myself. I don’t want to kill the suspense, you have to understand these are the ingredients for any entertainment package. You have to have drama, suspense, horror and comedy. You’ll get all the ingredients which are needed for a good masala show,” Imam said.

Timeout with Imam is a comedy reality show to go on air on MTV. Its promotional trailers give a glimpse of how the audience will now get a chance to know the real Imam. “Timeout with Imam” will go on air July 14.