Imran Khan: Aamir Khan is not a big part of my life!

The light-eyed actor confessed to us that his superstar mamu Aamir Khan does not interfere much with his work and he is not a big part of Imran’s professional space

Imran Khan has been around for five years. After making a successful debut with Abbas Tyrewala’s Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na in 2008, the honey-eyed actor went on to work in interesting projects such as Delhi Belly, Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu and Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, portraying many different characters, dabbling in different genres. And now the young Khan is excited about his upcoming release Once Upon A time In Mumbaai Dobaara . We asked the 30-year-old Imran if his superstar mamu Aamir Khan helps him choose his roles? After all Aamir’s demi-godesque status in India must be helping his bhaanja too.

Is the mighty Khan want to change any habit of his young bhaanja Imran? “Not really, he is not that big part of my life. The truth is that Aamir has never chosen any project for me. He never had any opinion on my work. He’s never met a director of mine, never read the script of any of my movie. He is not watched most of my films actually,” said Imran.

Looks like Mr Perfectionist is too busy even for his young nephew Imran. Sigh!