Imran Khan and Pankaj Kapur urge people to conserve water

In this Vishal Bhardwaj’s unique composition from his latest release, Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola, Imran and Pankaj instigate the village crowd to stage a revolution and fight for their rights

We truly understand that water scarcity is one of the grave issues faced by our country presently. With due respect to that, we take some liberty in translating the high-on-energy number – Lootnewale to English, word-for-word, ‘coz we are sure that will leave you in splits. Have a look!


Dol dol, dol dol

Paani paani kuwa sambhal..

Jiski maati uska maal

Dol dol…

Jiski kheti uski zameen hai

Babaji ki dhons nahi hai

Jiska ganna uski ganderi

Hat lootnewale


Bucket bucket, bucket bucket

Water water well take care

Who’s mud his property

Bucket bucket…

Who’s farm his ground it is

Father’s blackmailing not there

Who’s sugarcane his slice

Go dacoit



Hum beej na denge

Hum byaaj na denge

Kal ka karza aaj naa denge

Teri loha laathi nahi chalegi

Ab chale hathoda

Hathoda, hathoda aur daraati

Hat lootnewale

Hat hat lootnewale


We seed not give

We interest not give

Tomorrow’s loan today not give

Your iron stick won’t walk

Now walk hammer

Hammer, hammer and dagger

Go dacoit

Go Go dacoit