Posted Thu, December 20, 2012 5:24pm IST

The Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola actor was spotted posing for the paparazzi as sexy Playboy bunnies hovered around and raised the temperatures at the soiree

Imran Khan blushed as one gorgeous Playboy models kissed him on his cheek and the other clung on to his side, seducing him. He looked super cute as he blushed like a college going kid. He looked dapper in a navy blue suit and neatly combed hair. The red carpet was rolled down for him and he literally basked in the attention of the sexy gals. From Khan’s hairdo to those burnished shoes, looks like the actor really wanted to stand out as the suave dude flashing a prim-and-proper style.

We hear that Akshay Kumar was also present at the event and was seemingly at ease in the company of the hot bunnies. He was flanked by models too, but unlike Imran, he sported a rugged beard and an extremely casual style. In fact, he also had Ekta Kapoor as his arm candy, who sported her usual signature platform heels and one-shoulder drape dress.

Phew! Now that’s what we call a glamorous event with lots and lots of hot bunnies…err…chicks!