Imran Khan: I don’t have a wish list of heroines!

While most of the young actors in the industry are dying to work with A-list women, Imran Khan, who is doing a filmi comedy for the first time, says that the thought of working with Katrina Kaif never crossed his mind before he was signed on with her

Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif seem to be hitting if off really well and those who have managed to get a sneak peek at Mere Brother Ki Dulhan are vouching for a great chemistry between the two. But when asked if Kat was ever on his wish list, Imran said, “I don’t have a wish list of heroines. You are confusing me with someone else…never mind!” Well, it was pretty obvious who Imran was taking a dig at— none other than good friend Ranbir Kapoor! Even as we giggled into our coffee, we decided not to let him off the hook too easily. The truth is that Imran was supposed to work with Kat in a film directed by Sanjay Gadhvi over a year ago, but the project never happened. When probed about Kat being on his mind since then, he said, “We had spoken about working together earlier. There were offers, but the films never took off. I was amazed by how quickly things fell in place with Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Shortly after I Hate Love Storys released, I met Adi (Aditya Chopra) and Ali (director Ali Abbas Zafar). I heard the script and loved it. I was committed to do a Dharma film with Kareena, but that was to start in December. I was going to take a holiday in the time being, but Fate had different plans. Coincidently, Katrina had dates too. So within a month we started shooting for the film!” The best wish lists are never made, it seems!