Imran Khan: I get paid when I work outside Aamir Khan Productions!

Imran Khan: I get paid when I work outside Aamir Khan Productions!

B-town’s junior-most Khan jokes about how he feels like a star when he works with outside banners

If you think that working with mamujaan Aamir Khan must be a cakewalk for Imran Khan, then you are mistaken. Even though it’s his own maternal uncle’s home productions that have brought him a lot of luck at the box office (and Imran doesn’t mind admitting it though he likes to mention that I Hate Love Storys was an exception), he also has to do a lot of mehnat for free! Recently, when asked if it was different working outside Aamir Khan Productions, Imran said, “The difference is that I get paid when I work outside Aamir Khan Productions! Aamir is very particular about budgets and all, and we travel by economy and stay at very at economy hotels when shooting. I get to stay in swanky hotels, get to travel by business class and get some special treatment when I work outside. When I worked on Jaane Tu Ya…Jaane Na and Delhi Belly, I was like a ghar ka aadmi. When I work for Dharma Productions and Yash Raj Films, I am made to feel like a star!” Now, we know you’ve got a good sense of humour, Immi, but let’s hope Aamir finds it funny too! Or else that meagre budget could be cut even further for your next film with AKP!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • jano

    don’t fly

    You are here because of Aamir khan. Your success is becuase of Aamir khan, There are bunch of actors who are still struggling and not get any success or chance.

    Aamir khan Production hosue gave you two cult movies and blockbuster movies.

    you have long time ahead. And you get big money in the future but always respect your mamu jan big time.

    got it Mr Nephew