Imran Khan or Shahid Kapoor: Who makes for a more appealing cover shot?

The two honey-eyed chocolate boys of B-town express two different moods for the lens. Take your pick!

Imran Khan and Shahid Kapoor, the two young lads of B-town decide to articulate two diametrically opposite emotions for two different magazines. While Imran looks rugged, tough and dashing with his stubble on the cover of Filmfare, Sasha adorns the front page of The Film Street Journal in a relaxed, comfy, fun mood.

We loved Imran in his casual slim-fit white tee and stone-washed jeans with his glares tucked into his pocket. His arched eyebrow, his body posture and the strained look on his face stand out to prove that he has silenced the critics, big time. And that’s what the tagline on the cover says.

Sasha, on the other hand, is enjoying singledom again. The bachelor boy gets his canine friend – a golden retriever – to lend a touch of easy appeal to the frame. How cute! The 31-year-old actor’s charming persona, his gorgeous smile and his good boy outlook (however deceptive) is certainly adorable.

We have given our verdict. Now it’s up to you to decide: Whom do you want to take home this month?