Imran Khan replaces Shahid Kapoor in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Kaminey sequel

Imran Khan replaces Shahid Kapoor in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Kaminey sequel

At least that’s what the latest goss suggests. But is the Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola actor a better kamina than Sasha?

We drooled at Shahid Kapoor’s toughie look in Kaminey. Remember? And the double role proved to be a double treat to watch as far as Sasha’s chiseled body was concerned. But guess what, for the sequel of Kaminey, Vishal Bhardwaj is eyeing the latest chocolate boy of B-town – Imran Khan!

And must say, we’re delighted to know that the guy-next-door is finally dabbling in hatke roles. But then, our heart also goes out to darling Sasha who wooed us with his adaah in the 2009 movie. Hmm…will Imran be able to do justice to the role of a toughie? After watching the promos of Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola, we would like to think so.

But will he prove to be a better kamina than Shahid Kapoor? That, BollywoodLifers, is a question we would like you to answer. So tell us, what do you think?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • abir


  • aakash

    shahid is best…..if the news is true then…kaminey 2 will be a superflop without shahid…!!

  • waseem

    shahid iz d bst kamina in d world.. With out sasha kaminey 2 wil b attar flop.. Dat to cant imagine imran doin a role lyk kaminey

  • chammi

    huge flop without sk

  • priyanka

    shahid is better than imran

  • Rehman

    Shahid Kapoor is a flop actor…..
    His films are becoming flop after flop…….
    And it is true that if Shahid acts in Kaminey sequel, then it will be a sure disaster or flop or below average (Truth)…
    None of his films have created magic….His upcoming film “Phata Poster Nikla Hero” will be below average and will be counted as another flop movie….
    Even Ranbir Kapoor, Imran Khan and Ranveer Singh are better than Shahid….
    Shahid should opt out from bollywood as quick as he can..
    Nowadays he is also not getting any films……So he should retire….

    • Rin

      stupid comment.

  • Jatin

    without shahid Kaminey2 will be flop.
    shahid is far better than ranbir and imran.
    their luck is in demand, But sbka ek na ek din aata h, ab shahid ka nhi chal rha h, wait karo superstar banega shahid…..and this is true. 100% true.

  • Chimney

    Kaminey will not work without Shahid. I even think this news is a rumor to keep Imran in the news for MKBKM. Not watching Kaminey without Shahid for sure. He is a original Kamina.

  • Arun

    imran khan,shahid ke barabar cute lag hi nhi sakta, imran to bus aamir ki vajah se chal raha h nahi to sale ko kha acting aati h

  • Anamika

    Not going to watch Kaminey 2 without Shahid so who cares who is playing in it.

  • Junta

    Even if Kaminey 2 happens without Shahid it will start after one year then why this news now?
    Hahahaha, do you think we are stupid not to understand promotional tactics for Imran’s new movie to keep him in the news.

  • RAI

    kaminey 2 will be a superflop without shahid…!!

  • Simran

    NO WAY!!! Shahid made Kaminey. As much as I like Imran, he wouldn’t do justice to the role. I’d rather like to see Shahid-Diana in the film. They would make a really cute couple!!

    • Riya

      Completely agree on the Shahid-Diana part! They would be the cutest together!

  • dil

    without shahid it will not work.

  • sandra

    no way. We want shahid there.

  • Karam

    No way! Shahid cannot be replaced in kaminey 2 – vishal would never do that.

  • Basharat

    without shahid kapoor
    will be super duper flooopppp

    I shame on directors choicing of imran khan

  • page

    without shahid kaminey2 what a joke.

  • judy

    shahid made the kaminey. what a shame. without him it will never work well.

  • glen

    i dont think so without shahid it will work.

  • prasad

    shahid best for kaminey. without him film will superflop.

  • emma

    Do not make kaminey 2 without him please. Shahid is the best.

  • KRIS

    love to watch kaminey 2 with SHAHID. Not with IMRAN. He belongs kaminey

  • Riya

    Not that Imran’s not good, but why would you replace the main actor of a movie from it’s sequel! It’s pretty much like making a Dabangg without Salman Khan or a Don without SRK! I like Imran and everything but Shahid MUST be in the sequel!

  • henna

    shahid best for the kaminey.

  • sera

    without shahid what a boring kaminey. It is really big joke 2013 without shahid kaminey 2.

  • rayan

    shahid is the best kaminey for ever

  • gulaan

    bad option