Imran talks about ‘dheela characters’ in the industry

The actor defends Salman Khan, but points a finger at the so-called loose characters in the industry

At the relaunch of an automobile magazine, Imran Khan, who was seen in the company of Anushka Sharma for the first time, had some very interesting questions hurled at him. One of them was about whether he thinks Salman Khan should get married, like his mamu Aamir had expressed a few days ago, and the young actor replied, “No, no, why should he get married? Salman will do what he has to do!” While Imran managed to defend Sallu, he did lose the plot when the next question sprung up. A journalist asked him who he thinks has the most ‘dheela’ (loose) character in the industry, and pat came the reply, “I think there are a lot of people in the industry who have a dheela character.” Now, now, Imran we don’t know who you are pointing your fingers at. Is it one-time friend and now rival Ranbir Kapoor who is in the news constantly for his link-ups, or is it people who give an honest feedback about your acting skills? It’s a long list of speculation, but getting a peek into your mindset about the fraternity you are a part of was definitely an eye opener.