In My City official video: Priyanka Chopra shows off her sexy dance moves!

In My City official video: Priyanka Chopra shows off her sexy dance moves!

The music video of PeeCee’s first single is young, vibrant and colourful

The official video of Priyanka Chopra’s In My City featuring is finally out, and must say Priyanka looks super hot in all her outfits, and makes some great style statements in this young, vibrant and colourful video. A golden corset and golden sandals teemed with a pink shirt and shimmery pink shorts makes for an interesting look. And so does the black shorts and suspenders under a midriff-length white vest combo.

PeeCee mixes western dance movements with Bollywood style thumkas, pelvic thrusts and breast heaving to make it a fun dance experience, especially in the drum portions that have been inserted into the video. But what’s up with the namaste pose in the middle of the song? Now that was kinda funny!

Anyway, what we liked is that PC didn’t try to make this video pseudo Indian or wannabe American. Yes, we have definitely seen better music videos coming out of the US dance music scene, and this one could have done with a better concept. Yet, it’s good enough for a first. We like!

Watch the video and tell us if it made you get up and dance!

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  • Sanjay

    Very stupid number. Whats great about this? Looks amateurish, and cheap like an imitation, no originality. Dont know what people have seen in this? Except an autorikshaw put there in a misplaced set, there is nothing about a typical Indian town that is in this number. Nonsense number. All hype.

  • sona

    love u PC, it is superb. keep it up :)

  • NP

    Another generic, meaningless video trying to convince us that life is always a party. Pc’s dance moves are so simple and unimpressive. Seems like the director and PC want easy attention which would explain her doing cheap erotic moves in short, skimpy outfits while a few scenes show her seducing herself. As for the song, grade 5 lyrics with a catchy (for about 1/2 hour) beat. Typical of the recycled style of dance pop that exits today.

  • mano

    stupid song nd she looks desperate! shes a good actress should concentrate on that

  • star

    the NFL Thursday version was much better.

  • Aparna

    Pretty sad attempt. The video is carbon copy of gazillion other videos launching wannabe pop stars every other day. PCs moves are just some clumsy moves thrown in together at the very last minute. Looks like roping in made them run out of budget for a choreographer.

    PC has amazing voice and she is a talented lady. But this is plain disaster.

  • tammy

    She tried so hard but failed!!! The songs not that good in the first but the video is even worse.
    And the outfits are ok apart from the pink one, that is horrible
    She tried to be a beyonce but she can’t

  • WL

    if you watch it a couple of times it grows on you…..
    but if she had more of dance and beats of the 2:50 to 3:00 portion this video would have been much better…..


    Just like a movie is only as good as the viewer feels, a song is only as good s a listener feels. A song is liked when the hearer starts humming on the very first hearing.

  • Saira

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Go Priyanka!! you rock!! :)

  • albert

    totally enjoyed it! it’s only her debut. hope she’ll do even better!

  • Mehrul

    I think Priyanka should stick what she does best; acting. Singing is not her cup of’s like she’s forcing herself to sing which comes out as if she’s trying to fart.

  • patel

    Mehrul u are very accurate, she is a great actress, singing is just not her thing!

    • Angel

      this video is awesome. she looks rly hot n her voice is as beautiful as she. i think u r wrong.

  • sunil kumar